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Catching The Wave: New Data Protection Law In Bahrain
Bahrain's Law on the Protection of Personal Data was published on 19 July 2018, and will come into effect on 1 August 2019.
13 Aug 2018
GDPR: A Plain English Guide To The Implications For Middle East Marketing Activities
The advertising marketing world is becoming more reliant on data secured from online sources. All of the entities that are involved in the delivery of advertising content to consumers are able to receive ...
Saudi Arabia
25 Jun 2018
Minding Your Own Business: The Extra-Territorial Application Of The EU's Data Protection Regulation
As you may well be aware, the European Union (EU) has introduced new legislation on the protection of personal data: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ...
European Union
25 Jun 2018
Granted Land In Abu Dhabi: Restrictions On Dealings
Dealings with residential and commercial land and properties in Abu Dhabi granted to UAE nationals by the government ("Granted Land") are subject to certain restrictions.
United Arab Emirates
7 Jun 2018
Arrested Development: Legal Considerations For App Developers In The Middle East
App development is a flourishing industry across the Middle East. We are regularly approached by clients seeking legal advice on issues relating to app development.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2017
The Legal Issues Arising from Marketing Through Digital Media in the UAE
Digital marketing is using digital media such as television, radio, internet, mobile devices and digital signage (indoor and outdoor) for marketing activities.
United Arab Emirates
11 Nov 2010
Recent Legislative Updates - Information Systems Crimes Law 2010
The prevalence of cyber technologies into every facet of modern-day life has necessitated the introduction of specific laws dealing with cyber crimes.
United Arab Emirates
10 Nov 2010
Internet Scaremongering
What do you do when you receive an email from a domain name registrar informing you that there has been an attempt by an unauthorized entity to register your name as a domain name in China?
United Arab Emirates
5 Oct 2010
New Electronic Marketing Consent Regime for the UAE
In July 2010, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority announced a new regulatory policy for Unsolicited Electronic Communications ("Spam Policy").
United Arab Emirates
1 Oct 2010
Reliance on Electronic Signatures and Secure Electronic Signatures under the UAE Law
"A signature is a stylised script associated with a person. It is comparable to a seal. In commerce and the law, a signature on a document is an indication that the person adopts the intentions recorded in the document.
United Arab Emirates
23 Jul 2010
Industrial Designs – New Implementing Regulations
The Implementing Regulations for Industrial Drawings & Designs Law No. 6 of 2006 have been issued in Bahrain with immediate effect from 25th February 2010.
16 Jun 2010
Public Health under the WTO; Narrowing the Rights of the Pharmaceutical Industry
When the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights ("TRIPS Agreement") was drafted nearly a decade ago, pharmaceutical protection was guaranteed effective data protection and further schemes were introduced to safeguard the interests of the pharmaceutical companies in countries making use of the transition periods contained in the TRIPS Agreement.
United Arab Emirates
26 Nov 2003
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