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Laptops For Work – Expectations Of Privacy
As an international financial centre, Hong Kong has one of the most transient and mobile workforces and one of the highest concentrations of information technology (IT) use in the workplace.
Hong Kong
31 Jul 2011
Better Safe Than SRA? – Solicitors And Personal Data
Data protection breaches by law firms have been a hot topic in the press recently.
20 Apr 2011
ICO vs Data Controllers – It's Going To Penalties
On 6 April 2010, the Information Commissioner's Office ("ICO") acquired significant new powers to fine Data Controllers that fail to protect personal data up to £500,000.
28 May 2010
Cabin Crew And Personal Data Privacy Issues
In this article, we examine a recent Hong Kong High Court decision on Cathay Pacific's policy requiring consent by cabin crew to disclosure of their medical records.
Hong Kong
9 Feb 2009
New Guidance On What Constitutes "Personal Data"
The Information Commissioner's Office ("ICO") has recently issued technical guidance, entitled "Data Protection Technical Guidance: Determining what is personal data" ("the Guidance") for data protection purposes.
11 Dec 2007
How Not To Monitor Your Employees´ Communications
In Copland v The United Kingdom (2007), the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found that the UK had violated Ms Copland's right to respect for her private life and correspondence under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights ("the Convention"), by the way in which it monitored her telephone calls, e-mail correspondence and internet use.
16 Sep 2007
Finding Anonymous Wrongdoers - The e-commerce Context
How do you find out who has made an anonymous bulletin board posting? What if an unknown person has leaked a confidential e-mail to someone? There is a legal remedy which can help claimants find out who is responsible, and recent cases show just how it can be used in an online context.
6 Jun 2007
Key Data Protection Issues In An Outsourcing Context
Many of us heard about the recent theft of data by an employee at an HSBC call centre in India. The resulting publicity was unrelenting, partly driven by consumer concern, but also by those with a vested interest in undermining the off-shoring and outsourcing markets.
28 Nov 2006
A Practical Guide To Disaster Recovery Agreements
In a recent survey of London market insurers, the International Underwriting Association (IUA) found that more than 50 per cent of insurers suffered computer failures.
10 Nov 2006
Outsourcing For Small And Medium Businesses: New Guidance On Data Transfers
What is the relevance of the data protection regime to an outsourcing transaction? In an outsourcing transaction, data processing (i.e. the transfer of the data) may take place at several stages: during due diligence; perhaps during contract negotiation; and during the transition or implementation stage.
14 Jul 2006
Using PETs To Protect Personal Data
Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) are privacy controls that are incorporated into information systems to assist government and private organisations to comply with their privacy obligations and maintain relevant privacy standards in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
14 Jul 2006
Apples And Crystal Balls: Settling Disputes Once And For All?
As part of a settlement in 1991, the parties in Apple entered into an agreement to share the use of the apple mark on goods and services in the future - essentially, music for Corps and computers and data transmission for Computer.
14 Jul 2006
Electronic Disclosure Of Documents
It is vital to have in place a suitable electronic document retention and management policy.
2 Feb 2006
Electronic Disclosure – Data, Data, Everywhere
Desktop computers, laptops, personal digital assistants, mobile phones…these are just a few of the many sources of electronic data which are common place in today’s technologically advanced world. In this article we consider the impact that electronically generated data is having on disclosure in the course of commercial litigation, we review a party’s obligations and opportunities under the Civil Procedure Rule
9 Sep 2004
Trans-border Data Flows In Outsourcing Transactions
As the trend towards off-shore outsourcing continues, businesses frequently need to address the complex issue of trans-border flows of data. Where the data is transferred outside the EU, the legal challenges become particularly difficult.
28 Jul 2004
Reinsureds Required to Disclose Allegations to their Reinsurers
In Brotherton v. Aseguradora Colseguros and Another [16th July 2003] Unreported, the Court of Appeal considered the duty on a reinsured to disclose to a reinsurer the existence of allegations of misconduct against the underlying assured
8 Jul 2004
Insurance Law - ICOB – Are You Ready?
As all "primary" insurance intermediaries and direct-selling insurers should be aware, firms which wish to undertake regulated activities in respect of the sale of general insurance after 14 January 2005 will need to be authorised by the FSA to do so.
2 Jul 2004
Subject Access Requests – Guidance from the Court of Appeal
In arguably the most important case since the Data Protection Act 1998 came into force, the Court of Appeal (CA) has significantly narrowed the scope of an individual’s right of access to "personal data". Durant -v-Financial Services Authority gives clear guidance on how data controllers should approach subject access requests.
21 Apr 2004
The FSA’s Listing Rules Consultation Paper
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is currently carrying out a fundamental review of the Listing Rules. On 8 October 2003 it published a consultation paper (CP) which outlined its proposals to reform the listing regime against the background of changes to be introduced by European legislation.
8 Apr 2004
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