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Harnessing Artificial Intelligence For Data Analytics In Digital Health
There's an abundance of data being captured and analysed as a result of artificial intelligence (AI) being used in digital health.
2 Sep 2019
Corporate Blackmail: One Way In Which Victims Can Take Back Control
The cost of being a victim of crime? An extraordinary £77million, according to TalkTalk at the recent sentencing of one of the individuals who hacked their systems
14 Aug 2019
Charities, Data Protection Officers, GDPR: Where Are We Now?
On 18 June Withers held a round-table discussion to review one of the key provisions of the GDPR legislation introduced a year ago: the role of the Data Protection Officer
8 Aug 2019
GDPR Is Still Not Ready For Prime Time, Here's Why
It has now been a little more than a year after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) claimed celebrity status and came into effect
15 Jul 2019
Apple Bobbing: Is Your Phone Secretly Tracking Your Location, And Are You Happy About It?
We've all been there… Waking up in the morning and not knowing how we got home, or how long it took us to get there. Or we've forgotten what we did last week.
United States
7 Jun 2019
The IoF Updates Its GDPR Guidance – What's Changed?
The Institute of Fundraising (the ‘IoF') has updated its guidance, GDPR: The Essentials for Fundraising Organisations ...
4 Jun 2019
Your Digital Legacy: New Problems For The Facebook Generation
Facebook announced in April that it is using artificial intelligence to try and prevent notifications being sent to a deceased person's friends and family; an unfortunate automated function
8 May 2019
Legal Bloggers Writing About Your Family Case – Should You Be Worried?
Fancy having a lawyer, otherwise uninvolved in your case, witness your private Family law proceedings? Is the "greater" public good eclipsing the privacy of the individual? Ollie Guest suggests...
16 Oct 2018
US Corporate Law News: California Adopts A New Data Protection Law
The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (the "Act"), adopted late last month, protects consumer "personal information" ...
United States
9 Aug 2018
Is Arbitration The Answer To Settling Disputes In The Art World?
Privacy has long been of utmost importance in the art world. But in the context of the recent global move towards transparency in business and finance...
25 Apr 2018
Data Privacy Day 2018 Is Here…
It's now 2018 and the onus is on you to protect your personal data and devices. 28th January, known as Data Privacy Day (also known as…Sunday)...
26 Jan 2018
Private Client News - Summer Edition: Wills And Privacy
In the debate over the right to privacy versus the ‘public right to know', public (or at least press) opinion has swung firmly in favour of the latter
24 Aug 2017
Surf's Up Online – But Is It Safe?
Once there was a time when our mistakes lasted as long as our memories. But today, the internet has become a dominant media channel, and it has a very long (and public) memory.
6 Apr 2017
The Battle Against Revenge Porn
Last summer we reported on the then new crime of ‘revenge porn' under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015. A year on, and the CPS has today released figures showing the extent of its successes...
8 Sep 2016
Privacy Shield Arrangement Enables EU-US Data Sharing
The EU Commission has now formally adopted the EU-US Privacy Shield arrangement for the legal transfer of personal data from the EU/EEA to the US.
European Union
21 Jul 2016
Bo-Jo, Gove And Mrs Gove – A Tale Of One E-mail
Should e-mails be formal or chatty? Should you start with ‘Dear Sir' or ‘Hi there'? Do normal grammatical standards apply? A plethora of styles and ideas divide opinion. But there is one thing upon most of us agree, and that is that a private e-mail should remain a private e-mail.
1 Jul 2016
Important Lessons for Transatlantic Celebrities
After the whole world debated the identity of a married couple known as ‘PJS' and ‘YMA' earlier this year, we wanted to highlight what this latest news actually means for the privacy of you and your global clients in the digital age
1 Jul 2016
Latest Corporate News In Securities Law, M&A, Data Privacy And IP For May/June 2016
Below is a list of some prominent developments in relevant economic, transactional and legal matters that have taken place over the past 6 weeks.
21 Jun 2016
CRS And Beneficial Ownership
In today's difficult economic climate, countries need more than ever to ensure that they collect all the tax revenues that are due to them in order to fund public expenditure and reduce public debt.
19 May 2016
The Curious Incident Of The Unreported Tory Sex Scandal
John Whittingdale MP has had what must have been an uncomfortable time this week, as a result of action by some of the subjects of his ministerial responsibilities.
29 Apr 2016
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