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Leadership in the digital age
Article discusses the digital age and findings for leadership in the digital age and contains a link for further information.
New Zealand
13 Feb 2019
European Patent Office Releases Guidelines On AI Patentability
n November last year, the European Patent Office (EPO) released guidelines relating to the examination of patent applications for artificial intelligence (AI) ...
New Zealand
11 Feb 2019
Privacy law update: International GDPR enforcement and facial recognition software
The update includes international GDPR enforcement and Microsoft calls for the regulation of facial recognition software.
New Zealand
17 Dec 2018
Risks arising from the use of electronic mail (email)
Employers and employees need to be vigilant in a number of areas, to manage the risks arising from email communication.
New Zealand
9 Nov 2018
New privacy legislation for a digital world
The Government has introduced a new Bill to replace the existing Privacy Act with one more suited to our digital world.
New Zealand
19 May 2018
The complexity of successfully delivering technology projects: NSW Audit Office Report on Justice 2017
Technology projects, and the complexity around successfully implementing major technology projects continue to feature.
New Zealand
4 Dec 2017
IMF releases Fintech and Financial Services: Initial Considerations - staff discussion note
The Paper is an excellent and accessible summary of opportunities presented by fintech for the financial services sector.
New Zealand
26 Jun 2017
Compliance with the new China Cybersecurity law may pose problems
The scope of the China Cybersecurity Law is vague, which raises questions about the future of trade in the digital age.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2017
Are you giving your employees the opportunity to disconnect from technology?
As technology trends ahead of legislative change, the law may not be able to keep up in protecting employee rights.
New Zealand
8 Jun 2017
Ransomware - cyber security and practical tips
This update aims to alert clients and to suggest ways to protect their businesses in relation to these ransomware events.
New Zealand
17 May 2017
Part 1 - Smart contracts, blockchain and distributed ledger technology: implications for business
Lawyers should be aware of smart contracts, blockchain, distributed ledger technology and the underpinning technology.
New Zealand
30 Mar 2017
FinTech regulation in Australia – lessons for New Zealand?
Australia is initiating a range of policy initiatives to encourage the development of the fast growing FinTech sector.
New Zealand
7 Oct 2016
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