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Lo que necesita saber para comenzar un negocio en la República Dominicana
La República Dominicana es el segundo país más extenso de la región del Caribe. El turismo, la agricultura, la minería y la industria textil están entre los sectores de la economía que hacen del país una opción atractiva para comenzar un negocio.
Dominican Republic
1 Feb 2019
What You Need To Know To Start A Business In The Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean region by area.
Dominican Republic
23 Jan 2019
Comprender la nueva ley en el sistema impositivo de la República Dominicana
La República Dominicana tiene una economía atractiva y en crecimiento, pero el entorno empresarial puede ser un desafío para aquellos que buscan expandirse en el país.
Dominican Republic
19 Mar 2018
The Use Of The Trust In Real Estate And Affordable Housing Projects
The Trust figure is regulated in the Dominican Republic by law 189-11 for the Development of the Mortgage Market and the Trust in the country.
Dominican Republic
9 Mar 2018
Understanding The New Law In The Dominican Republic Tax System
The Dominican Republic has an attractive, growing economy, but the business environment can be challenging for those looking to expand in the country.
Dominican Republic
2 Mar 2018
Legal Framework Of Agency Agreements Between USA Firms And Dominican Agents
The principles of the Civil Code of the Dominican Republic will be applicable.
Dominican Republic
6 Jan 2018
How Establish And Operate With A Foreign Company
Foreign companies can provide services in the territory of the Dominican Republic, as long as they comply with national regulations. Among the main requirements is the registration of the foreign company...
Dominican Republic
6 Jan 2018
El Ius Variandi como potestad de la Administración en los contratos administrativos.
La justificación de potestades de la Administración Pública en los contratos.
Dominican Republic
6 Jan 2018
Retos del comercio electrónico en República Dominicana
Esta semana la Cámara Americana de Comercio (AMCHAMDR) puso en circulación el documento "Comprendiendo los retos del desarrollo del e-Commerce en la República Dominicana".
Dominican Republic
6 Jan 2018
Law No.173 On Protection To The Importer Agents Of Goods And Products & DR-CAFTA
The distribution agreements signed before the date entry into force of the Agreement.
Dominican Republic
28 Dec 2017
ECJ Provides Guidance On Determination Of International Jurisdiction In Civil And Commercial Matters
The Court of Justice of the European Union handed down a judgment on a reference for a preliminary ruling from the Regional Court of Krefeld, Germany.
European Union
16 Apr 2014
If you are Thinking of Negotiating With Another Company Think "Due Diligence"
Corporate subsistence, in an economy that each day becomes more competitive, dynamic and integrated to the global world in which we live, has exponentially increased corporate mergers and alliances, together with similar transactions, such as stock acquisitions from one company for another’s capital, company, know how, and royalties transfers, among others.
Dominican Republic
3 Mar 2005
Dominican Republic
10 Aug 1998
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