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Constant Evolution Maintains Cayman Islands Fund Leadership
As the Cayman Islands enhances its fund offering, ahead of competitors both offshore and onshore, it remains the clear domicile of choice.
Cayman Islands
2 Aug 2018
Bermuda's New Privacy Legislation
For any organisation, personal information about customers, clients, employees and suppliers is a valuable asset. But it is also a responsibility.
17 Jun 2018
Bermuda's New Privacy Legislation: Are You Prepared?
For any organisation, personal information about customers, clients, employees and suppliers is a valuable asset. But it is also a responsibility.
11 Jun 2018
A Developing Discourse From The Courts
In its decision in the matter of Shanda Games Limited, the CICA has gone a step further and altered the landscape against which fair value of the Dissenters shares is to be properly assessed in the future.
Cayman Islands
7 May 2018
STEP Cayman: Providing A Global Perspective
A key component of the effective operation and continued growth of the local financial services industry is the promotion of the Cayman Islands for what it is: a modern and sophisticated...
Cayman Islands
13 Nov 2017
In The Interests Of Justice
While local schools, some businesses and many professionals have been on a lengthy summer hiatus, the same cannot be said for the local judiciary.
Cayman Islands
9 Nov 2017
Recent Decisions On Recognition And Assistance And The Appointment Of Provisional Liquidators
Bermuda, a leading offshore commercial centre, does not currently have any modern, express statutory provisions relating to recognition and assistance to foreign officeholders.
22 Oct 2017
Cayman Confidential
Bernadette Carey explains the Cayman Islands' new legislation on the disclosure of confidential information.
Cayman Islands
10 Jul 2017
Mergers And Fair Value Petitions: Cayman Case Law Update
The Cayman Islands has recently seen a flurry of merger activity, in many instances as a result of listed entities seeking to engage in 'go private' deals involving companies incorporated in the jurisdiction.
Cayman Islands
20 Mar 2017
Cayman Islands Shipping Registry Receives ‘Most Favoured Nation' Status From China
The United Kingdom and Chinese governments have signed an agreement on behalf of the Cayman Islands which bestows ‘Most Favoured Nation' status to Cayman Islands registered vessels entering Chinese ports.
Cayman Islands
26 Jan 2017
The Rise Of DIFC SPCs
A Special Purpose Company is one type of legal entity that may be incorporated under DIFC law and is similar in some respects to the ordinary DIFC company limited by shares.
United Arab Emirates
13 May 2016
Mauritius Enacts Good Governance And Captive Insurance Laws
This alert provides a general overview of the Captive Insurance Act, 2015 ("CIA") and Good Governance and Integrity Reporting Act, 2015 (the "Act"), the latest legislative updates being introduced in Mauritius.
15 Jan 2016
Cayman Islands Perspective On Shareholder Activism
Different types of investors will have different time horizons for change and exit strategies. Some hedge funds may be looking to secure short-term gains and exit.
Cayman Islands
15 Dec 2015
The Acquisition And Leveraged Finance Review
The majority of merger and acquisition activity (and the financing thereof ) involving exempted companies or exempted limited partnerships in the Cayman Islands is originated in either England or the United States.
Cayman Islands
11 Nov 2015
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