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The new PPSR – you need to get on to it now
The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) incorporates the introduction of the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).
New Zealand
23 Nov 2018
Update: integrity of set-off rights restored
The 2017 WA decision which overturned the view that set-off is effective against a receiver was successfully appealed.
New Zealand
1 Oct 2018
Crucial continuous disclosure question – is the information material?
This was a reminder that only "material" information must be disclosed when a company is in voluntary administration.
New Zealand
20 Aug 2018
Creating a win-win employee share plan
This article outlines some of the obstacles in implementing an ESOP plan and some of the factors involved in plan design.
New Zealand
31 Mar 2018
Have set-off rights been restricted by the PPSA without anyone noticing?
This WA decision may have overturned the hitherto accepted view that set-off remains effective against a receiver.
New Zealand
13 Oct 2017
New NZX code gives significant boost to shareholder rights
This NZX Corporate Governance Code closely aligns with the Financial Markets Authority corporate governance handbook.
New Zealand
12 May 2017
Block party continues for NZX issuers with ASX Foreign Exempt Listings
This announcement reinforces the desirability of NZX issuers transitioning their ASX listing to a Foreign Exempt Listing.
New Zealand
16 Apr 2017
A $60 million mistake – have you registered on the PPSR?
Under the New Zealand PPSA, GE's interest would not have been entirely lost but its priority could have been affected.
New Zealand
23 Mar 2017
Customs charge vs security interest: High Court decides priority
This case is a reminder that the scope, nature and priority of each charge will depend upon its own statutory regime.
New Zealand
18 May 2016
Care needed in registering financing statements on the PPSR
An effective security interest needs a valid financing statement registered on the Personal Property Securities Register.
New Zealand
10 Aug 2013
Market manipulation – a suspect form of human ingenuity
The case sheds light on how NZ courts could interpret market manipulation prohibitions as they apply to on-market trades.
New Zealand
7 Aug 2013
First big Australian PPSA decision consistent with New Zealand law
The first significant decision under the Australian Personal Properties Securities Act has followed NZ and Canadian law.
New Zealand
2 Aug 2013
How much freedom of manoeuvre do receivers have?
Although receivers are allowed discretion in the exercise of their duties, they are subject to oversight by the courts.
New Zealand
21 Jun 2013
Model PPSA provisions for Australian security documents
Five international law firms with a presence in Australia have got together and developed a set of model PPSA provisions.
New Zealand
9 Jun 2013
Re-think on new prospectus registration delays
The Companies Office is re-thinking its proposed service level standards to register prospectuses and related documents.
New Zealand
24 Apr 2013
Slower turnaround proposed under new prospectus registration process
The new Companies Office prospectus registration procedures could possibly be inconsistent with the Securities Act 1978.
New Zealand
20 Apr 2013
Supreme Court clarifies PPSA regime; confirms 'statutory fixed charge'
The Court has clarified some fundamental aspects of the PPSA regime – e.g. all security interests are fixed in nature.
New Zealand
18 Dec 2012
Tough regime against low ball offers in force from 1 December
Tough regulations to protect the public against unsolicited offers for securities were signed by the Governor General.
New Zealand
7 Nov 2012
PPSA priority set by date of registration, not perfection
The Court of Appeal has reversed a High Court decision on a PPSA issue, described as being of "practical significance".
New Zealand
8 Oct 2012
Australia offers third route to perfection (in PPSA)
The Australian Personal Property Securities Act offers a third route to perfection, not available in New Zealand.
New Zealand
4 Aug 2012
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