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Utilizing Derivative Action Litigation (Video)
Seth Goldman explains how derivative action litigation can be an effective strategy for minority shareholders and discusses the favorable settlement Mintz achieved on behalf of client using this approach.
United States
20 Aug 2019
Preparation For 2017 Fiscal Year-End SEC Filings And 2018 Annual Shareholder Meetings
As our clients and friends know, each year Mintz Levin provides an analysis of the regulatory developments that impact public companies as they prepare for their fiscal year-end filings with the SEC and their annual...
United States
1 Mar 2018
TechConnect Newsletter - September 2017
Words are very powerful and the language we use often frames a discussion. For example, the term "shareholder activist" sounds like a consumer friendly person who has everyone's best interests at heart, ...
United States
10 Oct 2017
Federal Circuit Rules That Starr International Lacks Standing To Pursue Class Claims Stemming From The U.S. Government's Acquisition Of AIG Equity
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed in part and reversed in part an earlier decision from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which had held that aspects of the Government's bailout...
United States
31 May 2017
Appeal In Home Depot Data Breach Derivative Action Results In Settlement Of Corporate Governance Claims
Snatching victory of a sort from the jaws of defeat, shareholders who brought a derivative action alleging that the 2014 Home Depot data breach resulted from officers' and directors' breaches...
United States
5 May 2017
Preparation For 2016 Fiscal Year-End SEC Filings And 2017 Annual Shareholder Meetings
As was the case last year, there are no SEC rule changes that will take effect for the 2017 year-end reporting process.
United States
25 Jan 2017
The Definition of Insanity? Wendy's Shareholders File Derivative Action Based On 2015-16 Data Breach
An old saw defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Wendy's shareholders recently flouted that maxim by filing a derivative action...
United States
22 Dec 2016
ISS Updates Proxy Voting Guidelines And New Survey On Mid-Market Compensation
Institutional Shareholder Services ("ISS") has issued updated proxy voting guidelines, including an update to guidelines related to director compensation and the equity plan scorecard.
United States
21 Dec 2016
ISS Survey Results Regarding Pay-For-Performance And Say-On-Pay Frequency
Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. ("ISS"), the influential proxy advisory firm, recently released their 2016-2017 Global Policy Survey results.
United States
11 Oct 2016
Fizzled Suit Against Target Officers And Directors Raises Question As To The Value Of Derivative Claims In Data Breach Cases
In a terse two-page order, Senior District Court Judge Paul Magnuson dismissed derivative claims brought against officers and directors of Target in connection with the 2013 holiday-season data breach.
United States
15 Jul 2016
Dodd-Frank And Executive Compensation – Part 1: Status Update
It's been over five years since the signing of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act and we are still waiting for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to finalize rules on several provisions related to executive compensation.
United States
29 Apr 2016
Preparation For 2015 Fiscal Year-End SEC Filings And 2016 Annual Shareholder Meetings
As our clients and friends know, each year Mintz Levin provides an analysis of the regulatory developments that impact public companies as they prepare for their fiscal year-end filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission...
United States
4 Feb 2016
Top 10 Largest Shareholders Of A Non-Publicly Traded Foreign Corporation May Be Held Liable For Unpaid Wages For Services Performed In New York State
New York has amended its Business Corporation Law (BCL) to make the top ten largest shareholders of a non-publicly traded foreign corporation liable for unpaid wages.
United States
13 Dec 2015
Purchaser Of LLC Units May Enforce Non-Compete Without Employee Consent
As ubiquitous as limited liability company interests may be these days, litigants are still arguing over whether the sale of LLC membership units is like the sale of stock.
United States
10 Jul 2015
Happy Public Float Day!
If you are a year-end company, today is the end of your second fiscal quarter, which means that it's just about time to calculate your public float to see if your reporting status has changed.
United States
30 Jun 2015
Data Security Breach Documents Sought In Home Depot Books-And-Records Suit
Home Depot was recently hit with a books-and-records suit in the Delaware Court of Chancery, Frohman v. Home Depot, which seeks documents relating to the giant retailer's data security breach last September.
United States
22 Jun 2015
Massachusetts Federal Court Holds That LLC Operating Agreement Does Not Shield Defendants From Liability For Breaching Their Fiduciary Duties To Closely Held Corporations
Butler v. Moore will take an important place in the long line of Massachusetts decisions dealing with fiduciary duties in closely held entities.
United States
28 Apr 2015
IRS Releases Final Regulations Clarifying 162(m) Limitation On Compensation
Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code precludes the deduction by public companies for compensation paid to certain covered employees in excess of $1,000,000 in any taxable year.
United States
2 Apr 2015
More "Broken Windows": SEC Charges Schedule 13D Filers With Disclosure Violations For Failing To Update Ownership Reports
When a significant stockholder in a publicly-held company is considering plans to take the company private, how soon must the stockholder disclose those plans in a Schedule 13D filing?
United States
25 Mar 2015
Potential Shareholder Liability Arising From Subsidiary WARN Act Violations
When a company begins experiencing financial difficulty, shareholders often ask whether they may be liable under the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification ("WARN") Act for violations by the company.
United States
3 Mar 2015
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