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Unbundling Transactions By Listed Companies – What Are The Tax Implications For Shareholders?
From time to time, listed companies unbundle shares to their shareholders.
South Africa
16 Sep 2019
Notice Period To Convene A Shareholders' Meeting Increases From 14 To 21 Days
This requirement applies to all companies, public or private.
South Africa
16 May 2019
Not All Dividends Are Ordinary
In the listed sector, shareholders may be presented with various elections to be made as regards the nature of distributions ...
South Africa
25 Mar 2019
The Big Five Amendments Proposed By The Companies Amendment Bill, 2018
The Companies Amendment Bill, 2018 (the "Bill") was released for public comment by the Minister of Trade and Industry on 21 September 2018.
South Africa
8 Oct 2018
The Income Tax Implications Of A Return Of Capital
The Act clearly sets out the tax implications arising in respect of a distribution by a company that constitutes a dividend.
South Africa
12 Oct 2017
What Does The Administration Of Uganda Telecom Limited Mean For Creditors And Other Stakeholders?
The recent administration of heavily indebted Uganda Telecom Limited ("UTL") aims to achieve the best outcome for creditors and shareholders.
11 Jul 2017
What You Need To Know About The 2017 Mining Charter
The Chamber also confirmed that it will seek an interdict to suspend the implementation of the 2017 Mining Charter and further, to take it on review.
South Africa
22 Jun 2017
The South African King IV Report On Corporate Governance: Themes And Variations
On 1 November 2016, the South African King IV Report on Corporate Governance ("King IV") was published by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa.
South Africa
7 Feb 2017
Effect Of Taking Professional Advice On Imposition Of Understatement Penalties And Interest
The court came to the conclusion that the taxpayer's reliance on the advice received was reasonable and therefore directed that the Commissioner should waive the section 89quat interest in full.
South Africa
10 Feb 2015
Interest-Free Shareholder Loans
Loans between companies and their shareholders, or other group companies are a common method of providing finance in the South African corporate environment.
South Africa
26 Nov 2014
Dividend Payments To Holland – Did You Spot The Aperture?
By now it is accepted that the payment of dividends to non-South African shareholders are subject to dividends tax which is levied at a rate of 15%.
South Africa
25 Nov 2014
Disposal Of Foreign Equity Shares – Proceed With Caution
What looks like a simple transaction, capable of being executed in a tax neutral manner, could very easily result in adverse tax implications for the disposing shareholder.
South Africa
19 Sep 2014
The Liability Of Shareholders For The Tax Debts Of A Company
It has a long been a principle of company law that the debts of a company are not the debts of its shareholders.
South Africa
23 May 2014
The Imaginary World Of Notional Vendor Finance
Many share acquisition transactions implemented in South Africa are vendor financed, i.e. money is lent by the company to a prospective shareholder in order to enable the acquisition of shares in such company.
South Africa
27 Mar 2013
Does 50/50 Shareholding In A Shipowning Company Constitute The Control Necessary To Sustain An Associated Ship Arrest?
Readers familiar with South Africa’s associated ship arrest provisions will recall that in terms of sections 3(6) and (7) of the Admiralty Jurisdiction Regulation Act No. 105 of 1983, a ship may be arrested to enforce the claim or to obtain security for it.
South Africa
8 Oct 2012
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