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Security Deliverables In A Share Charge Where The Charged Shares Represent A Minority Stake
We generally expect to see the following suite of deliverables required to be provided to the chargee pursuant to the terms of the relevant security document or credit agreement:
Hong Kong
28 May 2019
Methods Of Winding Up A Solvent Isle Of Man Company
It is also usual practice for a liquidator to require the shareholder or beneficial owner of the company to provide him with an indemnity in advance of agreeing to be appointed.
Isle of Man
12 Apr 2019
Bermuda Companies And Public Information
A variety of documents and information related to Bermuda registered companies must be available for public inspection.
27 Mar 2019
Mergers And Acquisitions In The Cayman Islands - Structuring Options
With deals valued at over USD 60 billion in the first half of 2018 alone and Cayman Islands companies being the target of 421 transactions, the Cayman Islands, by deal volume, ranks as the number one offshore jurisdiction for M&A transactions.
Cayman Islands
12 Mar 2019
In The Courts: Companies
In Antow Holdings Limited v. Best Nation Investments Limited, a case concerning a challenge to the transfer of shares, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal ...
British Virgin Islands
7 Feb 2019
The Search For Jewels
The main motivation behind mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insurance transactions is to become stronger.
7 Jan 2019
The Need For Insolvency Fail-Safe In Cayman
Directors of Cayman companies owe fiduciary duties to the company to act in the interests of the company as a whole.
Cayman Islands
30 Aug 2018
No Path To Redemption: Privy Council Rules On Pearson vs. Primeo
The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has handed down its decision in the case of Pearson v Primeo.
Cayman Islands
29 Aug 2017
Leave For Cayman Derivative Actions – International Or Domestic Only?
The rules of court in the Cayman Islands control shareholders' entitlement to issue proceedings in the name of their company.
Cayman Islands
28 Jul 2016
Guide To Directors' Duties In Guernsey
A director owes these duties to the company alone and not to individual shareholders or to the shareholders as a group or, except in certain circumstances, to creditors of the company.
21 Mar 2016
China Shansui Cement Group Limited: Cement Shoes for Directors?
In 2011, in the case of Re China Milk Products Group Limited Mr Justice Jones held that the directors of an insolvent company had inherent authority to petition for its winding up...
Cayman Islands
7 Dec 2015
Cayman Court Makes First Fair Value Determination In Merger Dispute
The Cayman Islands legislature introduced the statutory merger and consolidation regime which is now found in Part XVI of the Companies Law (2013 Revision) in May 2009.
Cayman Islands
8 Sep 2015
Guide To Protection Of Minority Shareholders In The British Virgin Islands
This Guide provides an introduction to the remedies available to minority shareholders of BVI companies.
British Virgin Islands
12 May 2015
Reducing Share Capital By A Company: An Overview
It is a fundamental principle of Bermuda company law that the share capital of a company should be maintained.
4 Mar 2015
Shareholders' Rights To Guernsey Company Information
Shareholders in Guernsey companies are often surprised to learn that they have far fewer rights to information about the company than they had expected.
13 Oct 2014
Shareholder Disputes In The British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands is best known for its role as a holding company jurisdiction.
British Virgin Islands
10 Mar 2014
Cooking Your Goose Hong Kong Style
The recent decision of Mr Justice Harris in the case of Re Yung Kee Holdings Ltd, [2012] 6 HKC 246, in the Court of First Instance in Hong Kong has highlighted some of the issues that can arise in resolving shareholder disputes where offshore companies are used to hold assets and businesses elsewhere.
16 Apr 2013
The Appleby 2012 Offshore Round-Up: Company Law
A summary of one the key company law decisions handed down in the leading offshore jurisdiction relating to shareholders derivative actions.
8 Feb 2013
Investor Side Letters: Mind The Gap
The Cayman Islands court has delivered judgment in a high-value dispute concerning the effectiveness of investor side letters and whether restructuring agreements limited an investor's redemption rights under the fund's articles.
Cayman Islands
13 Aug 2012
Cross Border Mergers
Directive 2005/56/EC of the European Parliament and Council on cross-border mergers of limited liability companies was implemented in the UK by the Companies Regulations 2007.
Isle of Man
10 Aug 2012
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