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Chancery Forecloses Reliance On Technical Truths, Delayed Disclosures As Defenses To Disclosure-Related Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Claims
Fiduciary duties are fundamental concepts in Delaware corporate law. Directors and officers owe duties of care and loyalty, and from these obligations flows
United States
19 Aug 2019
Lawsuit Seeks Exemption From Broker Registration For Private Placement Finders
A few months ago, a real estate company brought an action against the Securities and Exchange Commission, and apparently the SEC now has been served
United States
12 Aug 2019
Delaware Supreme Court Addresses Confidentiality Of Corporate Books And Records In Statutory Inspections
On August 7, 2019, the Supreme Court of Delaware issued an opinion making clear that no presumption exists under Delaware law that the corporate books and records a stockholder
United States
9 Aug 2019
European Union Seeks To Update And Centralize Internet Law
While issues relating to Brexit and Boris Johnson becoming the Prime Minister of England have tended to dominate the news across the pond.
European Union
6 Aug 2019
Social Media Companies Seek Government Content Regulation?
Long ago in internet time, way back in the 1990s, Congress passed the Communications Decency Act (CDA). A key feature of the CDA is Section 230 of the statute.
United States
13 Jun 2019
Nasdaq To Limit Reg A+ To Seasoned Companies
Last month, the Nasdaq quietly submitted a proposal to the SEC regarding Regulation A+.
United States
30 May 2019
SEC Approves New Venture Exchange
Last Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a new Silicon Valley-based national securities exchange, the LTSE, with a unique twist – a focus on earlier stage companies and long term investing.
United States
29 May 2019
Rechtsanwalt in Vietnam Dr. Oliver Massmann – Die Weltbank fragt Duane Morris nach Geschäften und Regierungsaufträgen- Was Sie wissen müssen: Annahmen der Fallstudie
Ist eines der an der Ausschreibung teilnehmenden Unternehmen und erfüllt alle zahlungsfähigkeits- , technische und administrative Anforderungen zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit;Ist eine mittelständische
21 May 2019
SEC Adopts Simplified, Modernized Disclosure Requirements
On March 20, 2019, the SEC adopted amendments to rules and forms of Regulation S-K to further simplify and modernize disclosure
United States
15 May 2019
A Minute About Minutes–Part II
A few years ago we highlighted on this blog an opinion where the Court of Chancery's analysis turned, in part, on its impression of the quality of the corporate minutes at issue.
United States
7 May 2019
Delaware Supreme Court Issues Additional Guidance On Scope Of Section 220 Inspections
First, the court clarified when the scope of an inspection being demanded might include email communications of officers and directors of the corporation.
United States
21 Feb 2019
Reporting Companies Cleared For Reg A+ Offerings
The Securities and Exchange Commission announced on December 19, 2018 that it has adopted final rules that will permit full SEC reporting companies to conduct public offerings utilizing
United States
3 Jan 2019
Employee Share Options Schemes For Private Companies
In today's competitive business world, employees are key assets for any company.
22 Oct 2018
California Mandates Gender Diversity On Public Company Boards
California has become the first state in the nation to require public companies to put female directors on their boards.
United States
9 Oct 2018
Is It Proper To Use A Minority Oppression Action To Vindicate Wrongs Done To A Company?
One of the most common grievances heard from a shareholder is that the company he or she has invested in is being run by a thief, a bully or a fool. For example, directors may divert the company's money to themselves.
31 Aug 2018
SEC Expands "Smaller Reporting Company" Definition
The change is effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, which should happen fairly soon.
United States
13 Jul 2018
Applying The Joint Client Privilege To Related Corporate Entities
In-house lawyers frequently advise related corporate entities. Given that companies within the same corporate family share similar goals and business strategies, the use of centralized in-house counsel can be both efficient and economical.
United States
28 Jun 2018
Does Delaware Law Support Reverse Veil-Piercing? The Fourth Circuit Says: YES!
Although Delaware has not expressly adopted the remedy of reverse piercing of a corporate veil, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit believes that Delaware LLCs ...
United States
11 Jun 2018
What Can Be Done To Help Vietnam's SMEs?
Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are central to Vietnam's economic growth, providing significant contributions to job creation, export promotion and poverty reduction.
17 May 2018
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