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Reflections: Stepping Out Of The Trenches – How Collaboration Can Be Made To Work
In much of my writings I have been particularly interested in the concept of jurisdictional competition and its role in business development. It is underpinned by the notion that jurisdictions are regularly competing for the same business.
25 Apr 2018
The Judge, The Classicist And Modern Cell Company Laws
In many of my writings I try to bring together my fascination for history with my professional and academic interest in the law.
3 Feb 2017
Memorandum On Protected Cell Captives
A leading captive journal (Captive Review) has published a detailed memorandum prepared by Nigel Feetham on protected cell companies.
24 Nov 2016
Wanted: A Boardroom Robot (But The Age Of Men Is Far From Over)
In an age of rapid technological advancements, Nigel Feetham discusses the future of the boardroom.
22 Nov 2016
Protected Cell Companies And Series LCC
Nigel Feetham examines the legal developments surrounding PCCs in Gibraltar and series LLCs in the US.
22 Nov 2016
US Court Opinion A Further Step Towards Recognition Of Segregated Business Forms
A fascinating judgment has just been handed down by the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland.
22 Feb 2016
Compson and Weal Litigation Saga Continues
I have already written extensively about the case of Compson v FSC & Weal V FSC involving an appeal against certain decisions of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission ("FSC") , unreported, 29th April 2015, and therefore for the purposes of this briefing note, I will assume that the background is known to readers.
24 Dec 2015
Protected Cell Companies: Untangling The Cellular Knot
Guernsey was the first jurisdiction to introduce Protected Cell Companies. It did so in 1997 and other 'offshore' jurisdictions followed soon after, including Cayman, Bermuda, Gibraltar and Malta.
26 Jun 2015
Hassans' Partner And Author Receives Rare Citation In A US Judgement
Hassans' partner, Nigel Feetham, co-author of the leading reference book, Protected Cell Companies: A Guide to Their Implementation and Use (Feetham & Jones, 2nd edition, Spiramus Press 2010) has received industry citation in relation to a US judgement, firmly placing Mr Feetham as a leading voice in this arena.
5 Jun 2015
Compson v FSC & Weal v FSC - Further Musings
As a lawyer, academic writer, former member of the FSC and director (a position I have held on the boards of leading corporates), I believe Compson v FSC & Weal v FSC is an important decision.
20 May 2015
Nigel Feetham Analyses The Occupational Hazard Of The Company Director Following A Recent Judgement
On 29 April 2015 the Supreme Court of Gibraltar handed down a Judgement which directors/controllers should take serious notice of.
30 Apr 2015
Would Taking Your Clients To The Olympics Have Been An Act Of Bribery?
An event the size of the Olympics will always court some controversy as it gets underway, but few were expecting that empty seats would be top of the list.
17 Aug 2012
It’s Good But It’s Not Quite Right – The OECD And The UK Bribery Act
On 30th March 2012, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development (‘OECD’) released its report evaluating the UK Bribery Act 2010 (‘the Act’) and its enforcement of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (‘the Convention’). The report, running to 79 pages, took an in-depth look at how the UK had implemented the Act, how it has been enforcing it, but cautiously reminded the UK that there was still plenty of work to be done
8 May 2012
Why Gibraltar Is The Place For You And Your Business?
There are many factors which would attract someone to relocate to Gibraltar. Situated on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, "the Rock" enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers.
31 Jan 2012
Shareholder Disputes?
Disputes between shareholders arise for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is where a previously good relationship turns sour. There may be a dissident shareholder who refuses to co-operate in the running of the business and who hampers the decision – making process.
2 Dec 2011
When Is A Loan Not A Loan?
The recent UK case of MJP Media Services Ltd v HMRC has highlighted the importance of ensuring that payments claiming to be loans must be made directly to the debtor for them to use as necessary and that, if challenged, taxpayers must retain and be able to produce sufficient evidence to support its case.
16 Nov 2011
A Warning To All Directors - Is The New Insolvency Act Relevant To Me?
The 5th September 2011 saw the dawn of a new era for insolvency practitioners in Gibraltar. Much awaited legislation in the field of insolvency was finally passed and a new regime for both personal and corporate insolvency has been put in place.
27 Oct 2011
Gibraltar – New tax measures in 2005
The optimism over Gibraltar’s on-going economic growth and the development of the jurisdiction as a leading and well regulated finance centre has continued in 2005 despite some uncertainty surrounding the final outcome of a legal ruling on Gibraltar’s proposed new measures on corporate taxes
5 Dec 2005
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