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Directors Unexpected Payroll Tax Liability
Payroll tax is levied against every employer, employee, self-employed person and deemed employee. While this may appear to be straightforward
19 Aug 2019
Legal Frontiers In Bermuda
The Asia-Pacific region has seen a surge of fintech start-ups, service providers, suppliers, investors, consumers and other stakeholders in recent years.
19 Aug 2019
Security Deliverables In A Share Charge Where The Charged Shares Represent A Minority Stake
We generally expect to see the following suite of deliverables required to be provided to the chargee pursuant to the terms of the relevant security document or credit agreement:
Hong Kong
28 May 2019
M&A Trends — Buyer Protections
The merger and acquisition market in Bermuda was very active throughout 2018 with the value of deals exceeding the previous year
29 Apr 2019
Isle Of Man Regulatory Update - April 2019
At the time of writing, there is still no clarity on if, when or how the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU) and many potential scenarios ranging from an extension to the deadline
Isle of Man
16 Apr 2019
Striking Off A Company
Strike off action does not reduce or extinguish the liability of any director, officer or member of the company.
Isle of Man
12 Apr 2019
Methods Of Winding Up A Solvent Isle Of Man Company
It is also usual practice for a liquidator to require the shareholder or beneficial owner of the company to provide him with an indemnity in advance of agreeing to be appointed.
Isle of Man
12 Apr 2019
Bermuda Companies And Public Information
A variety of documents and information related to Bermuda registered companies must be available for public inspection.
27 Mar 2019
An Important ‘Contribution' To The Isle Of Man's Developing Insolvency Law
The Isle of Man High Court has issued a landmark decision confirming for the first time in a reported judgment the considerations that the Isle of Man Court will adopt
Isle of Man
28 Feb 2019
In The Courts: Companies
In Antow Holdings Limited v. Best Nation Investments Limited, a case concerning a challenge to the transfer of shares, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal ...
British Virgin Islands
7 Feb 2019
In The Courts In 2018: An Appleby Review Of Offshore Court Decisions
Welcome to the latest issue of Appleby's annual "In The Courts" publication, a round-up of the most interesting decisions handed down by the courts of our offshore jurisdictions in 2018.
Cayman Islands
7 Feb 2019
Regulations Steering Bermuda Captives Ahead Of The Competition
Regulatory changes scheduled to be tabled before the Bermuda House of Assembly place Bermuda on a steady yet progressive footing to steer the captive market forward for years to come, says Matthew Carr, senior associate, corporate, of Appleby's Bermuda office.
21 Jan 2019
The Search For Jewels
The main motivation behind mergers and acquisitions (M&A) insurance transactions is to become stronger.
7 Jan 2019
Economic Substance Requirements In The Crown Dependencies
The Governments of the Crown Dependencies have published draft legislation that will require resident companies carrying on certain activities to have "adequate substance" in their jurisdictions.
28 Nov 2018
Haro, Guts, Girdles And Hatts – Some Peculiarities Of Guernsey Law
The Bailiwick of Guernsey was originally part of the Duchy of Normandy but in 1204 when English troops were driven from Normandy, the islands remained the possession of the English Crown.
13 Nov 2018
The LLC And Business Combinations
The Bermuda limited liability company, or LLC, was introduced two years ago by the Bermuda Limited Liability Company Act 2016 (LLC Act) and is closely modelled on the equivalent Delaware legislation.
5 Oct 2018
Keeping Pace With A Rapid Evolution
Bermuda is a global leader in the ILS space—but as the pace of change quickens and buyers become more sophisticated and demanding, the domicile cannot rest on its laurels ...
20 Sep 2018
Reflections From The Hong Kong SPOT Conference 2018
Fiona Chan and Alison Thomson, members of Appleby's Global Technology and Innovation Group recently attended the SPOT conference in Hong Kong ...
Hong Kong
31 Aug 2018
The Advantages Of Listing Eurobonds And PIK Notes In The Channel Islands
The International Stock Exchange (TISE) has for a number of years been a leading exchange for the listing of quoted Eurobonds due to ease of use, certainty and flexibility.
European Union
24 Aug 2018
Bermuda ICOs, Trusts And Investor Confidence
Look before you leap" and "Don't count your chickens before they hatch". Numerous sayings derived from Aesop's fables encapsulate how one might approach investment.
16 Aug 2018
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