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Management In LLCs And PJSCs: Key Differences Under UAE Law
The rules governing corporate management differ between limited liability companies and public joint stock companies under the UAE Federal Commercial Companies Law (Federal Law No 8 of 1984).
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2015
Directors’ Duties Under Saudi Law
There have been various developments recently in Saudi Arabia towards increasing the effectiveness of the Corporate Governance framework.
United Arab Emirates
27 May 2011
Summary Winding Up of Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Avoiding Delay
The unprecedented financial crunch experienced globally has forced many businesses to question their existing corporate structures, and also to consider ways in which these structures can be realigned with minimum cost, which has, in some cases, necessitated winding up group companies.
United Arab Emirates
28 Feb 2011
SME's To Be Encouraged
The UAE media has given wide coverage to a recent statement by HE Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, the UAE Minister of Economy, in which he confirmed that a draft federal law dealing with small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") shall soon be presented to the UAE Cabinet for approval.
United Arab Emirates
16 Dec 2010
Professional Companies Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The principal law governing professional companies in Saudi Arabia is the Professional Companies Law which was approved by Royal Decree No. (4) on 18/2/1412H (corresponding to 26th August 1991) and is supplemented by the Executive Regulations, Ministerial Resolutions and an Explanatory Memorandum (collectively, the "Professional Companies Law").
Saudi Arabia
10 Dec 2010
Directors’ Liabilities of Joint Stock Companies in Kuwait
In Kuwait, corporate governance is still in its infancy and underdeveloped compared to its neighboring countries within the GCC.
8 Nov 2010
Disclosure of Changes in Control and Substantial Shareholdings - UAE Financial Markets
Now is a time when there is a real focus on transparency in financial markets and evidence of opportunistic acquisitions of equity stocks depressed by negative market sentiment.
United Arab Emirates
4 Nov 2010
Offshore Companies in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Background and Developments
The concept of offshore was first introduced in Dubai in late 2001 but it took concrete shape on January 15, 2003 when Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations 2003 came into force.
United Arab Emirates
4 Nov 2010
The Known Secret: "Side Arrangements"
It is not a secret that side, or otherwise called nominee, arrangements represent an indispensible legal structure for many foreign investors doing business in the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
22 Oct 2010
Corporate Regulation & Minimum Level Best Practices
The United Arab Emirates ("UAE") offers multi-jurisdictional setting up opportunities for foreign companies (i.e. non UAE companies).
United Arab Emirates
6 Aug 2010
New Take-Overs Regime In Qatar... And Now For Something Completely Different…
A recent amendment to the Qatari Commercial Companies Law No. 5 of 2002 (Companies Law) established, for the first time, a regime for take-over of companies in Qatar
25 Jul 2010
Doing Business in Iraq
Iraq is the new Middle East destination for business and investments. Being one of the richest countries in oil and gas; as well as emerging from years of war, and the economic growth being experienced all together put Iraq under the spot light.
9 Jun 2010
The Shareholder’s Legal Toolkit Minority Shareholder Rights under UAE Law
A striking feature of the UAE business landscape is the fact that a foreign investor must structure any operating company so that at least 51% of the issued shares are owned by UAE nationals. In this landscape, minority shareholder rights assume great importance.
United Arab Emirates
19 Apr 2010
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