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Important Cayman Islands Securities Investment Business Law Changes
The Cayman Islands Securities Investment Business Law (2019 Revision) has been amended by the Securities Investment Business (Amendment) Law, 2019 to, amongst other things, require certain "excluded persons" ...
Cayman Islands
24 Jul 2019
Cayman Islands Restructuring – Recent Cases
Restructuring of insolvent companies in the Cayman Islands is implemented by a flexible regime comprising the appointment of provisional liquidators coupled with an adjournment of the winding-up petition.
Cayman Islands
4 Jul 2019
When Do Directors Owe Their Duties To A Company's Creditors Rather Than Its Shareholders?
The Court of Appeal has recently ruled in BTI 2014 LLC -v- Sequana SA & Ors [2019] EWCA Civ 112 that an otherwise lawful dividend may still be found to be a transaction defrauding creditors.
British Virgin Islands
4 Jul 2019
Contingent Liabilities: A Director's Responsibility?
In the Cayman Islands, all directors must swear a Declaration of Solvency (DofS) in a voluntary liquidation.
Cayman Islands
2 Jul 2019
British Virgin Islands
17 Jul 2018
A Guide To Financing And The British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands ("BVI") is home to over 416,000 active companies. This article considers the benefits of using a BVI company in financing transactions.
British Virgin Islands
23 May 2017
A New Foundations Law For The Cayman Islands
The Law prescribes a number of avenues for the resolution of different categories of disputes arising in relation to a Foundation Company.
Cayman Islands
3 Apr 2017
BVI Strikes Right Balance On Fund Governance
Proper fund governance has long been championed by Conyers Dill & Pearman, for the last decade we have encouraged our hedge fund clients to hold at least annual directors meetings.
British Virgin Islands
19 Feb 2017
The Growing Importance Of Independent Boards
Maree Martin discusses the general trend towards the increased usage of independent directors, confirming that fund boards are not only becoming comprised of majority independent directors...
Cayman Islands
26 Jan 2017
CIMA Director Registration And Licence Fees Due
All registered, professional and corporate directors registered or licenced with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA") are reminded that they are required to pay their annual 2017 registration...
Cayman Islands
5 Jan 2017
2016 Updates To BVI Business Companies Act
The British Virgin Islands is by far the leading offshore incorporation jurisdiction with over 450,000 active business companies.
British Virgin Islands
6 Jan 2016
Cayman Islands Perspective On Shareholder Activism
Different types of investors will have different time horizons for change and exit strategies. Some hedge funds may be looking to secure short-term gains and exit.
Cayman Islands
15 Dec 2015
Cayman Islands Companies Law - Imminent Changes To The Requirements For Filing Of The Register Of Directors And Officers And Waiver Period
Every Cayman Islands company is required to keep at its registered office a register containing the names and addresses of its directors, including alternate directors and officers (the "Register").
Cayman Islands
7 Sep 2015
Service Out Of The Jurisdiction: BVI Case Update
The Company was incorporated in the BVI and comprised of two directors, Mr. W and Ms. K, who resided in Hong Kong.
British Virgin Islands
14 Jul 2015
Cayman Court Of Appeal Reverses US$111 Million Judgment Against Weavering Directors
In an unanticipated development, the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal handed down judgment on 12 February 2015 and has reversed the decision of Jones J...
Cayman Islands
18 Feb 2015
Defining Directorship: 'De Facto' Directors And The BVI Business Company
Section 2 of the BVI Business Companies Act ("the BCA") defines a "director" to include a person occupying or acting in the position of director by whatever name called.
British Virgin Islands
15 Dec 2014
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