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Bermuda's Economic Substance Legislation
The Bermuda Government has passed legislation, with effect from 31 December 2018, requiring relevant entities based in Bermuda to comply with certain obligations in regard to economic substance in the jurisdiction.
22 Jan 2019
Establishing A Business In The Cayman Islands
This Q&A gives an overview of the key issues in establishing a business in the Cayman Islands, including an introduction to the legal system; the available business vehicles and their applicable formalities; ...
Cayman Islands
20 Apr 2018
Establishing A Business In Bermuda
This Q&A gives an overview of the key issues in establishing a business in Bermuda, including an introduction to the legal system; the available business vehicles and their applicable formalities...
17 Apr 2018
Bermuda's New Privacy Legislation: Are You Prepared?
Bermuda has introduced the Personal Information Protection Act, 2016 to regulate the use of personal information by organisations in a manner that recognises the need to protect the rights of individuals...
26 Feb 2018
The Cayman Islands – A Busy Start To 2017
As a leading offshore financial centre, the Cayman Islands strives both to meet the varied and changing needs of those who utilise the jurisdiction as well as ensuring it maintains appropriate levels of regulation.
Cayman Islands
27 Oct 2017
Reasons To Use BVI Companies For Financing Transactions
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is home to more than 416,000 active companies. This article considers the benefits of using a BVI company in financing transactions.
British Virgin Islands
6 Jul 2017
Maximize Growth Potential By Incorporating Offshore
Every day, companies are being formed around the world for a variety of reasons. Incorporation produces a corporate entity which is separate from its owners, with its own legal rights and obligations.
8 Jun 2017
BVI Strikes Right Balance On Fund Governance
Proper fund governance has long been championed by Conyers Dill & Pearman, for the last decade we have encouraged our hedge fund clients to hold at least annual directors meetings.
British Virgin Islands
19 Feb 2017
Bermuda Insurance Update - July 2016
The first half of 2016 has been a significant period for the Bermuda insurance sector.
26 Jul 2016
Offshore Case Digest: Issue No. 11 – Bermuda, The British Virgin Islands And The Cayman Islands
Our goal is to provide a useful reference tool for clients and practitioners who are interested in the development of case law in each jurisdiction.
25 Jul 2016
Mauritius Enacts Good Governance And Captive Insurance Laws
This alert provides a general overview of the Captive Insurance Act, 2015 ("CIA") and Good Governance and Integrity Reporting Act, 2015 (the "Act"), the latest legislative updates being introduced in Mauritius.
15 Jan 2016
2016 Updates To BVI Business Companies Act
The British Virgin Islands is by far the leading offshore incorporation jurisdiction with over 450,000 active business companies.
British Virgin Islands
6 Jan 2016
Cayman Islands Perspective On Shareholder Activism
Different types of investors will have different time horizons for change and exit strategies. Some hedge funds may be looking to secure short-term gains and exit.
Cayman Islands
15 Dec 2015
Hong Kong Court Of Final Appeal Considers Sufficient Connection To Wind Up A BVI Company On The Just And Equitable Basis
The relevant company, Yung Kee Holdings Limited, was a holding company for shares in another BVI company, Long Yau, which in turn operated two Hong Kong subsidiaries carrying on business exclusively in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
12 Nov 2015
Service Out Of The Jurisdiction: BVI Case Update
The Company was incorporated in the BVI and comprised of two directors, Mr. W and Ms. K, who resided in Hong Kong.
British Virgin Islands
14 Jul 2015
Cross-Border Derivative Issues Considered In Hong Kong, Yet Issues Remain
The Hong Kong Court has held that a shareholder in a BVI company seeking to bring a derivative claim in Hong Kong must first obtain the permission of the BVI Court.
British Virgin Islands
13 Oct 2014
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