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Australian Securities Exchange proposes changes to its corporate governance policies
The ASX proposed to update its corporate governance regime when it released two consultation papers with recommendations.
24 Sep 2013
The Australian AGM season is upon us
The AGM is an opportunity to engage and communicate with shareholders, but it is imperative that it is run properly.
5 Sep 2013
Burying The Phoenix Company – Asic's New Regulatory Guide 242
ASIC has addressed the issue of abandoned and Phoenix companies.
17 Nov 2012
The time has come - new requirements for responsible entities take effect
As foreshadowed in ASIC Class Order 11/1140, new financial requirements nowwill apply to all responsible entities.
14 Nov 2012
Preparing For Your 2012 AGM – A Checklist
Recent changes may have an impact on your next AGM.
28 Sep 2012
Two-strikes with the legislative dagger slay the drafting error: the introduction of the Corporations Amendment (Proxy Voting) Act 2012
The amendments clarify that the chair of the meeting can vote undirected proxies on a remuneration report resolution.
14 Jul 2012
When the Going Gets Tough - Crisis Management
The preparation of a crisis management plan and its implementation by trained individuals will help to minimise damage.
23 Feb 2012
Court of Appeal says COMCOM can gag interviewees
The Court of Appeal has upheld the ability of the Commerce Commission to issue gagging orders. These orders prevent persons summoned to attend an interview before the Commission from disclosing either the questions the Commission asked them; or the answers or other information they gave in response.
27 Mar 2011
Financial Services Industry: Initiatives and Reforms Reviewed
Bulletin summarises the current status of a number of key initiatives and legislative reforms facing the financial services industry, and updates likely timing.
New Zealand
31 May 2010
Financial Adviser and Financial Service Provider regimes: More Exemptions
Cabinet has agreed to a number of recommendations regarding further exemptions to the FAA and the FSPA. These are likely to lead to a further supplementary order paper to the Financial Service Providers (Pre-Implementation Adjustments) Bill.
New Zealand
6 May 2010
Government's Response To The Productivity Commission's Report On Executive Remuneration
The Rudd Government recently issued its response to the Productivity Commission's (Commission) final report on Australia's director and executive remuneration framework, which was commissioned amid the market turmoil caused by the global financial crisis in March 2009 and released on 4 January 2010.
30 Apr 2010
Personal Property Securities (Corporations & Other Amendments) Bill 2010
The Federal Government has released the Personal Property Securities (Corporations and Other Amendments) Bill 2010 (Cth) (2010 Bill) in an effort to finalise all legislative arrangements necessary for the effective operation of the new Personal Property Securities Regime.
6 Apr 2010
Personal Property Securities (PPS) - Where is this reform at and what should you be doing to ensure you are PPSA compliant?
Review of the significant activity over the last two months in relation to the upcoming Personal Property Security (PPS) laws to be introduced in Australia
27 Jan 2010
QFE Adviser Business Statement Guide finally arrives
The Securities Commission has recently released its 'QFE Adviser Business Statement Guide' (Guide). The Guide is essential for any entity considering whether to become a Qualifying Financial Entity (QFE).
New Zealand
6 Jan 2010
Personal Property Securities Bill 2009
On 19 March 2009 the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs (Committee) released its recommendations on the Exposure Draft of the Personal Property Securities Bill 2008 (2008 Bill) following its inquiry on the 2008 Bill, which itself was a revised version of an earlier draft Bill which had been prepared and released for discussion in May 2008.
18 Aug 2009
Industry Associations And The Commerce Act - What You Need To Know
Trade associations and their members must be aware of their obligations under the Commerce Act and take active steps to ensure they do not breach these obligations.
27 Jul 2009
James Hardie Civil Penalty Proceedings: New Guidance On Directors’ And Officers’ Duties.
The recent decision of Gzell J in “ASIC v Macdonald (No 11)” [2009] NSWSC 287 provides new guidance on directors’ and officers’ duties under the “Corporations Act 2001” (Cth) (Act).
23 Jul 2009
Warning To Sleeping Directors: Liability For Reckless Trading Is Costly!
To those directors not actively engaged in the management of or with an eye on the financial affairs of their company - beware. The recent quantum decision of the High Court in Mason v Lewis [2008] NZHC 1535, following the earlier decision of the Court of Appeal on liability, provides a strong warning for sleeping directors.
21 Jan 2009
Franchising Code Amendments
Following the review of the Franchising Code last year, the government has enacted, by way of regulations, important amendments to the Code.
27 Aug 2007
ASX Refines Approach To Corporate Governance
The ASX Corporate Governance Council (Council) released the first edition of its Principles of Good Corporate Governance Practice and Best Practice Recommendations (Guidelines) on 31 March 2003.
13 Aug 2007
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