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From Legal To Compliance To Regulatory Risk – Appleby Cayman Can Help Your Business
We have teams able to assist with all phases of a business from a start-up making an initial regulatory application through to global businesses dealing with complex regulatory compliance
Cayman Islands
19 Aug 2019
Diversity Of People And Diversity Of Thought
Conversations are taking place across the globe regarding women in business, particularly on boardroom representation and the gender pay gap.
Isle of Man
18 Mar 2019
In The Courts: Companies
In Antow Holdings Limited v. Best Nation Investments Limited, a case concerning a challenge to the transfer of shares, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal ...
British Virgin Islands
7 Feb 2019
Bermuda's Economic Substance Legislation Becomes Operative
The Minister of Finance will determine whether an entity is compliant with the economic substance requirements.
18 Jan 2019
The LLC And Business Combinations
The Bermuda limited liability company, or LLC, was introduced two years ago by the Bermuda Limited Liability Company Act 2016 (LLC Act) and is closely modelled on the equivalent Delaware legislation.
5 Oct 2018
Keeping Pace With A Rapid Evolution
Bermuda is a global leader in the ILS space—but as the pace of change quickens and buyers become more sophisticated and demanding, the domicile cannot rest on its laurels ...
20 Sep 2018
'Block By Block' - How Blockchain And Smart Contracts Can Revolutionise The Aid Sector
As the Oxfam scandal deepens, questions are being asked of the ability of the aid sector to self-regulate where sexual misconduct is alleged against its employees.
6 Jul 2018
Corporate Governance In Mauritius
In his Budget Speech presented on the 8 June 2017, the Prime Minister of Mauritius unveiled a three year Strategic Plan to support the Government's medium-term and long-term objectives.
5 Sep 2017
Limited Liability Company Act 2016 Passed In Bermuda Senate
The Limited Liability Company Act 2016 (LLC Act) has today passed in the Senate and is set to come into force in the near future.
29 Jul 2016
Leave For Cayman Derivative Actions – International Or Domestic Only?
The rules of court in the Cayman Islands control shareholders' entitlement to issue proceedings in the name of their company.
Cayman Islands
28 Jul 2016
Restructuring Banking And Fiduciary Groups (June 2016)
Changes to the international economic, regulatory and commercial landscape are prompting many financial institutions to review their operations and product lines and, where appropriate, consider strategic restructuring initiatives.
11 Jul 2016
Bermuda Introduces Director Information Register
Bermuda has introduced amendments to the Companies Act 1981 (Act) in order to maintain compliance with current Financial Action Task Force (FATF) requirements.
8 Apr 2016
Guide To Directors' Duties In Guernsey
A director owes these duties to the company alone and not to individual shareholders or to the shareholders as a group or, except in certain circumstances, to creditors of the company.
21 Mar 2016
Guide To Directors' Duties In Guernsey
All directors owe fiduciary duties to the company of which they are a director.
13 Nov 2015
Guide To Cell Companies In Guernsey
The PCC is a company with all the usual features: a set of memorandum and articles of incorporation, a registered office, a share capital and a board of directors, being subject to all of the normal requirements of the Law.
13 Nov 2015
This Meeting Stands Adjourned
Adjournment means suspending a meeting after it has been duly commenced either indefinitely or so that it may be resumed at a future time and/or place fixed in that meeting or as decided later on.
12 Oct 2015
Wealth Structuring 20:20 (2015) Edition II Article: Family Governance
For first-generation wealthy entrepreneurs with businesses they plan to pass on to their descendants, there can be some enormous challenges to be overcome.
12 May 2015
Guide To Protection Of Minority Shareholders In The British Virgin Islands
This Guide provides an introduction to the remedies available to minority shareholders of BVI companies.
British Virgin Islands
12 May 2015
Guide To Companies In The British Virgin Islands
This Guide is a summary of the law and procedures relating to the establishment and operation of a business company in the British Virgin Islands.
British Virgin Islands
10 Feb 2015
Observations On The Consultation For A Register Of Beneficial Ownership
The Cabinet Office of the Isle of Man Government published a consultation paper on the Isle of Man’s current regime for identifying the beneficial ownership of companies.
Isle of Man
15 Oct 2014
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