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New Developments In The Czech Competition Authority's Decision-Making Practice: Whistleblowers And Appointed Guardians
The Czech Office for the Protection of Competition recently found two companies guilty of bid rigging in a public tender.
Czech Republic
30 Aug 2019
Office For The Protection Of Competition Gets Tougher On Fines For Competition Law Infringements
In April 2018 the Office for the Protection of Competition adopted new guidelines on the method of setting fines for competition law infringements, noting that the need for a revision of the previous guidelines ...
Czech Republic
2 Nov 2018
Competition Authority Fines Firm For Restrictive Clauses In Lease Agreements
Restrictive clauses are common in commercial lease agreements. Such clauses can limit a landlord's ability to lease property to other tenants
Czech Republic
18 Jul 2018
The Delta Pekárny Case As A Leading Example Of Ineffective Protection In An Eastern European Member State?
The legality of a 2003 dawn raid carried out by the Czech Competition Authority ("CCA") on Delta Pekárny's business premises was the subject of a long-running dispute.
Czech Republic
11 May 2018
European Commission Approved Two Measures In Favour Of The Czech Post
In February, the European Commission has positively decided in two cases regarding state support for the Czech Post.
Czech Republic
25 Apr 2018
Czech Courts Definitively Upheld Fines For The Bakery Cartel And Confirmed That Local Dawn Raids Were Conducted Legally
This is one of the most complex competition cases in the Czech Republic, due to several court decisions, including the decision of European Court of Human Rights
Czech Republic
25 Apr 2018
Cartel Fines Greatly Reduced Due To Leniency And Settlement
By doing so, they participated in market sharing and customer sharing agreements.
Czech Republic
25 Apr 2018
Czech Or Foreign Natural Persons Or Legal Entities Can Perform The Business Activity In The Czech Republic If They Comply With The Czech Law.
Mojmír Ježek, partner z advokátní kanceláře rutland ježek publikoval článek v časopise Doing business in the Czech Republic 2017, Forms of business activities in the Czech Republic.
European Union
9 Feb 2018
The Most Important Changes In Czech Law For Entrepreneurs In 2018
From 2018, the statutory pre-emptive right of co-owners to immovable property will be valid once again.
Czech Republic
18 Jan 2018
Czech Telecommunication Office Fines O2 CZ
Czech regulator CTU imposed a fine of EUR 166,500 on the operator O2 Czech Republic for unfair business practices in connection with the activation of an automatic renewal service for data packages...
Czech Republic
27 Sep 2016
Dawn Raids Under Czech Law Violate Right To Respect For Private Life
As a result, the Authority adopted a new infringement decision on the same grounds in 2006, which was upheld by the Czech courts.
Czech Republic
20 Nov 2014
European Court Of Human Rights Rules That Czech Competition Authority Is Not Authorised To Enter Business Premises Without A Warrant
The ECHR confirmed that the Czech Competition Authority violated the European Convention on Human Rights when entering the Delta Bakery premises without first obtaining a warrant.
Czech Republic
4 Nov 2014
Access Of Third Parties To The Administrative File Under Recent Case Law
The Supreme Administrative Court and Regional Court in Brno released two decisions that are inconsistent with existing practice.
Czech Republic
28 Jan 2014
Prioritisation In Competition Cases: A Step Forward?
The forthcoming amendment to the Act on the Protection of Competition will make several changes to Competition Authority practices.
Czech Republic
15 Apr 2013
The International Comparative Legal Guide To: Merger Control 2013 - Czech Republic
The authority responsible for applying merger control legislation is the Office for the Protection of Competition (Uřad pro ochranu hospodařske soutěže) (the "Office").
Czech Republic
13 Dec 2012
Changes In The Competition Law Procedure In The Czech Republic
The Czech Chamber of Deputies has recently passed a long expected draft of an amendment to the Act on Protection of Competition (the "Act").
Czech Republic
31 Jul 2012
Czech Republic: New Business Opportunity Within The Czech Postal Market
In June 2012, a bill to amend the Czech Postal Services Act was finally approved.
Czech Republic
12 Jul 2012
Will The Evaluation Of Tenderers' Quality And Capabilities Change After The Amendment?
Professional services, as well as large and technologically complex deliveries and supplies, entail certain intrinsic criteria for the selection of a suitable contractor, including the quality of services, financial strength and stability, and a responsible approach of the contractor to his performance.
Czech Republic
15 Dec 2011
Are You Prepared For A Sector Inquiry Of The Competition Authority?
Since the end of the last year, the Czech competition authority has repeatedly publicly confirmed that it would engage in sector inquiries more often in the future.
Czech Republic
6 Dec 2011
Unfair Competition and Infringements of IP Rights – Who Is Competent?
One of the most important facts to know in dispute resolution law is the local and material jurisdiction of courts with respect to the proceedings. Significant difficulties could arise if the petition is not brought before the right court, including cancellation of the judgement.
Czech Republic
9 Mar 2011
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