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Hong Kong Competition Commission Issues
The President of the Competition Tribunal in Hong Kong delivered its judgements which related to the suspected infringements and violations of the competition ordinance's first conduct rule.
Hong Kong
15 Jul 2019
Paint It Black - Bleak Picture For Hong Kong Decorators Slammed For Market Sharing And Price Fixing
In one of its first major rulings, Hong Kong's Competition Tribunal (the "Tribunal") has ruled against 10 decorating contractors for serious anti-competitive conduct
Hong Kong
17 Jun 2019
Hong Kong Competition Commission Expands Leniency Program
On 29 April 2019, the Hong Kong Competition Commission ("HKCC") published the Cooperation and Settlement Policy for Undertakings Engaged in Cartel Conduct ("Cooperation Policy").
Hong Kong
28 May 2019
Compare, But Beware – Recent Judgment On Comparative Advertising In Hong Kong
Historically, there have always been tensions in intellectual property law around how to balance the exclusive rights granted to intellectual property rights owners,
Hong Kong
9 Jan 2019
Bid-rigging And Joint Tendering – When Are They Prohibited Under Hong Kong's Competition Ordinance?
In essence, any conduct that reduces the competitive tension in the bidding process could constitute bid-rigging.
Hong Kong
16 Oct 2018
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review (October 2018)
We reported in our Q3 2017 issue of our IP & TMT Quarterly Review that in the dispute between Zhejiang Tangde Film & Television Co., Ltd ("Tangde") and Shanghai Canxing Culture & Broadcast Co., Ltd...
Hong Kong
9 Oct 2018
Hong Kong Competition Commission Commences Its First Enforcement Action Against Individuals
On 6 September 2018, the Hong Kong Competition Commission (HKCC) announced that it has commenced enforcement proceedings against a cartel in the renovation services industry.
Hong Kong
13 Sep 2018
Resale Price Maintenance – Back In The Crosshair
On 24 July 2018, the European Commission imposed fines of more than EUR 111 million on four consumer electronics manufacturers for engaging in illegal resale price maintenance (RPM) practices.
Hong Kong
31 Jul 2018
Top Challenges Of Doing Business In Hong Kong
Hong Kong is an established business hub strategically centred in the heart of Asia, but navigating the complex tax, legal and regulatory hurdles can be difficult without local help on board.
Hong Kong
26 Mar 2018
Hong Kong (Inadvertently?) Deters Consortium Bidding; Consults On First Individual Exemption Application
The Hong Kong Competition Commission (HKCC) has issued a recommendation that organizations inviting bids for contracts prohibit bidders from communicating with any other person prior to making a bid.
Hong Kong
16 Feb 2018
Commission Brings Case Against Construction And Engineering Companies Alleging Price-Fixing, Market-Sharing; Issues Limited Block Exemption For Container Shipping Lines
In August, the Hong Kong Competition Commission brought proceedings in the Competition Tribunal seeking penalties against ten construction and engineering companies.
Hong Kong
13 Nov 2017
Government Announces Extra Litigation Funding For Competition Commission
The Hong Kong Government has announced that it will provide extra dedicated funding of HKD 200 million (approximately US 25 million)...
Hong Kong
1 Nov 2017
Fight To Stop Bid-Rigging In Hong Kong Recognised Internationally
The objective of the Campaign is to advocate and educate the public in the topic of bid-rigging, to eliminate the practice of submitting "dummy" bids to harm and defraud consumers, and to promote fair competition.
Hong Kong
4 Jul 2017
EU Commission's Report Assesses Effects Of Antitrust Enforcement In Online Hotel Booking
In April, the European Commission and 10 EU national competition authorities (NCAs) published the results of a coordinating monitoring exercise carried out in the online hotel booking sectors in 2016.
European Union
17 May 2017
Hong Kong Competition Commission Publishes Proposed Block Exemption Order For Liner Shipping Sector
On 14 September 2016, the Hong Kong Competition Commission (the "Commission") published its first proposed block exemption order (BEO) for certain liner shipping agreements...
Hong Kong
29 Sep 2016
Hong Kong Competition Law - Investigation Series: Part 12
Undertakings or associations of undertakings may apply for Block Exemption Orders in order to secure the benefit of an exemption to a category of agreements.
Hong Kong
20 Jul 2016
Investigation Series: Part 11: Exclusions And Exemptions - Application For A Decision
Agreements or conducts falling within the scope of an exclusion or exemption will not contravene the First Conduct Rule and/or the Second Conduct Rule (the "Conduct Rules").
Hong Kong
13 Jul 2016
Hong Kong Competition Law Investigation Series - Part 10
The Hong Kong Competition Commission (the "Commission") may exercise its discretion to settle alleged breaches of the Competition Ordinance (the "Ordinance") by accepting a 'Commitment' from the parties under investigation.
Hong Kong
8 Jul 2016
Hong Kong Competition Law Investigation Series – Part 9
The Commission has a general obligation to preserve the confidentiality of any confidential information it obtains during the performance of its functions.
Hong Kong
1 Jul 2016
Hong Kong Competition Law - Investigation Series: Part 8
Legal Professional Privilege (LPP) protects documents which contain legal advice from disclosure to the Hong Kong Competition Commission (the "Commission") in the event of an investigation.
Hong Kong
22 Jun 2016
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