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Filing An Abridged Application Within Terms Of Rdp Does Not Constitute Unfair Competition
Regulatory data protection (RDP) terms are dealt with only in the Licensing Regulation of the Ministry of Health (MoH). In principle the provision grants the protection
31 Jul 2019
Proper Reasons For Non-Use In Turkey
The Court of Appeal (COA) has approved a decision of a first instance court which ruled that the regulatory restriction on the sale of cocktail beverages containing distilled alcohols constitutes a proper reason for non-use of a trade mark in Turkey.
1 Apr 2019
Competition Board Decision On Price Discrimination
13th Chamber of Council of State annulled the mentioned decision of the Competition Board as a result of the application of Emek Warehouse for the annulment of the decision.
2 Feb 2018
Why Turkey Should Take Another Step Forward Against Counterfeiting And Sign Acta (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)?
On October 1, 2011, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan held the signing ceremony for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in Tokyo.
16 Jan 2012
Maintenance And Preservation Of Commercial Books
Almost every legal system in the world provides obligations to keep company books and documents. Company books, in general, consist of records of a company that reflect its structure, history and current status.
11 Aug 2011
European Commission’s New Vertical Restraints Block Exemption Regulation and Its Impacts on Internet Sales in the EU and Turkey
On 20 April 2010, the European Commission (the "Commission") adopted the Regulation No. 330/2010 on the "application of Article 101(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union ("TFEU") to categories of vertical agreements and concerted practices", the so called new Vertical Restraints Block Exemption Regulation ("VBER") which exempts certain distribution agreements from competition law rules prohibiting restrictive agreements.
3 May 2011
The New Turkish Merger Regime at a Glance
In November 2007, the Turkish Competition Authority (the "TCA") declared on its agenda a new communiqué on merger control.
9 Nov 2010
Turkish Competition Law Practitioners Welcome the Draft Communiqué on Mergers and Acquisitions
In November 2007, the Turkish Competition Authority (the "TCA") declared that a new communiqué on mergers and acquisitions was on its agenda.
2 Nov 2010
The Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry: Anti-trust Developments In 2009.
The pharmaceutical industry has been a constant source of antitrust focus in recent years. This report intends to give an outline of major developments in Turkish competition law and practice in 2009 with a particular focus on the industry.
8 Apr 2010
Turkish Competition Authority Published Regulation On Immunity From Fines And Reduction Of Fines In Cartel Cases On 15 February 2009
On 15 February 2009 "the Regulation on Active Cooperation for the Purpose of Detection of Cartels" entered into force. The aim of the Regulation is to set out the conditions and procedure for qualification for immunity from fines or reduction of fines in cartel cases where an undertaking or a director or employee of an undertaking enters into active cooperation with the TCA in its detection of a cartel.
12 Mar 2009
Turkey Is Looking Forward To Welcoming The New Commercial Code
The Turkish Commercial Code entered into force on January 1st, 1957, and for over 50 years since then while most of the European countries have adopted new codes or amended their regulations in accordance with the latest developments taking place in the world, the TCC has not been significantly amended.
6 Jan 2009
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