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Cartel criminalisation – back from oblivion
Efforts to criminalise cartel behaviour have been divided, as some consider it may deter efficient, legitimate conduct.
New Zealand
19 Feb 2018
Anti-cartel legislation now passed but criminal sanctions gone
This article lists key provisions of the Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill, which has now passed.
New Zealand
13 Aug 2017
Leniency – a good tool but could be sharper to uncover price-fixing
Leniency programmes offer discounted fines to parties who confess their anti-competitive behaviour and cooperate.
New Zealand
2 Apr 2017
Targeted review of competition regime
The NZ government is conducting a targeted review of competition laws, including the misuse of market power prohibition.
New Zealand
20 Nov 2015
The Commerce Commission – merger decisions not as unpredictable as you might think
The article identifies trends from the Commission's track record, then looks in detail at three recent "no" decisions.
New Zealand
13 Nov 2015
Court takes ACCC back to basics on price fixing
The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has twice found against the ACCC in significant price-fixing appeals.
New Zealand
9 Aug 2015
Australia looks at new competition laws for powerful companies
New Zealand is likely to follow suit as the Commerce Commission has been pushing for similar changes to competition laws.
New Zealand
26 Sep 2014
Overhaul of competition law on the way?
The Nationals promise a wide-ranging overhaul of New Zealand's competition law as part of its Business Growth Agenda.
New Zealand
19 Jun 2014
Commissions gang up against counterfactual test for determining misuse of market power
The Productivity Commission has weighed in behind the Commerce Commission's campaign to unseat the counterfactual test.
New Zealand
3 Feb 2014
Commerce Commission guidelines on collaborative activity exemption
How the new Act is applied, particularly the exemption for collaborative activities, will be key.
New Zealand
8 Oct 2013
Select committee fine-tunes new cartel regime - and adds international shipping
Most changes to the Commerce Act should make the new cartel regime more predictable, except for international shipping.
New Zealand
23 May 2013
Forecourt attendants at petrol stations get raw deal
The Commission may be technically correct but could be more supportive of the conservative approach at petrol stations.
New Zealand
27 Aug 2012
Safety manual for the new cartel regime
This Brief Counsel will provide a user's guide or safety manual for the new cartel regime, to avoid criminal penalties.
New Zealand
8 Aug 2012
Competition and health services
The number of investigations into healthcare professionals illustrates the importance of competition in healthcare.
New Zealand
4 Mar 2012
Getting to know your competitors - how close is too close?
The Guidelines for Trade Associations outlines arrangements between competitors that the Commerce Act does not permit.
New Zealand
18 Nov 2011
New Zealand's cartel legislation – a new model?
Australian competition law experts have endorsed New Zealand's legislation as an improvement on the Australian model.
New Zealand
16 Nov 2011
Two year deferral of criminal sanctions in new cartel Bill
The new cartel criminalisation legislation proposes a phased approach in which criminal sanctions are delayed two years.
New Zealand
20 Oct 2011
Loose lips sink ships - competition law limits on information exchange
Swapping information with competitors has always been fraught with legal risk
New Zealand
23 Jun 2011
Commerce Commission Raises Awareness on Bid Rigging
The Commerce Commission has produced guidelines to assist purchasers to recognise and combat bid rigging.
New Zealand
20 Sep 2010
Criminalisation of Cartels
The proposed criminalisation of cartels makes the optimal design of competition law policy and enforcement an even more significant issue than it might otherwise be. This paper explores what will no doubt be a controversial proposition.
New Zealand
20 Sep 2010
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