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Employment Law: Case law and legislation updates
The article looks at three recent employment relations decisions from New Zealand and includes some noteworthy points.
New Zealand
26 Mar 2015
An employers guide to winning during the World Cup
A critical look at how employers should respond to increased employee absenteeism during the world cup.
7 Sep 2011
Trial Periods: Pitfalls to Avoid
All employers can now take advantage of the 90-day trial period law.
29 Jul 2011
NZ Employment Update
From 1 April 2011 significant changes to employment law will come into effect. Now is the time to ensure your policies and procedures are up to date. Here is a brief explanation of each of the new provisions.
30 Mar 2011
NZ Employment Update
The Employment Relations Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2010 and Holidays Amendment Bill 2010 were assented on 26 November 2010.
New Zealand
8 Dec 2010
Employment Grievances, Relations and Paid Parental Leave
Ogilvy New Zealand Limited (Ogilvy) was recently ordered to pay almost $350,000 after the Employment Relations Authority found that it had unjustifiably constructively dismissed a senior advertising executive (Whitten v Ogilvy New Zealand Limited (30/4/ 2010)). Ms Whitten had been employed by Ogilvy from 1993 until July 2008, at which point she held the title of Deputy Managing Director.
New Zealand
23 Jun 2010
Social Media, WorkplaceBullying and Personal Grievance Laws
The NZ Employment Bulletin is designed to keep you up to date and informed on the latest legal developments and legislative changes in workplace relations and employment.
New Zealand
8 Mar 2010
Are you Socially Adjusted? Dealing with Employee Behaviour on Social Media Sites
This issue has yet to be fully tested in New Zealand, but overseas decisions give us some insight as to how to tackle the misuse of social networking sites and blogs. Generally if the conduct damages the employer’s reputation or business relationships, or internal employment relationships, then the employee’s employment may be in jeopardy. Each case should be dealt with on its own merits.
New Zealand
8 Mar 2010
Workplace Bullying
In February this year, fines were handed down to three workers in Victoria, Australia, who physically and emotionally bullied a teenage co-worker who later committed suicide.
New Zealand
8 Mar 2010
Developments to Personal Grievance Laws Proposed
The Government is considering revamping personal grievance laws. Changes will aim to eliminate frivolous claims and control advocates who take on cases on a no win/no fee basis.
New Zealand
8 Mar 2010
The Objective Test For Disciplinary Action Gets Another Outing
One Chief Judge, three New Zealand Employment Court judges, one QC and five lawyers recently turned their collective minds to the question of whether there are any subjective decisions left for an employer to make in justifying a disciplinary action under section 103A of the Employment Relations Act 2000 (the Act).
New Zealand
20 Aug 2009
Problems Of ‘Preference’ When Only Some Staff Are Union Members
Collective bargaining has advantages for employers. There is no need to negotiate individual pay, terms and conditions with individual staff members.
New Zealand
3 Jun 2009
NZ High Court Increases Health And Safety Fines But Confirms Discount For Insured Employers
The recent New Zealand High Court decision of Department of Labour v Hanham & Philp Contractors & Ors signals a new benchmark, confirming that employers must expect a ‘significant uplift’ in the level of fines for breaches of the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 (Act).
21 Apr 2009
Latest Legal Developments And Legislative Changes In Workplace Relations And Employment
The NZ Employment Bulletin is designed to keep you up to date and informed on the latest legal developments and legislative changes in workplace relations and employment.
New Zealand
8 Apr 2009
Government Introduces New ´Trial Period´ - A Bonus For Small Businesses
After 1 March 2009 small business employers can include written 'trial periods' in the employment agreements of new employees. The new trial periods provide small businesses with some reprieve from unfair dismissal claims but still allow for employees to lodge personal grievances.
9 Feb 2009
Government Fast-Tracks Trial Period And Kiwisaver Changes
Parliament has presented employers with two early Christmas presents: new 90 day trial periods for businesses with fewer than 20 employees, and changes to KiwiSaver, mainly lowering minimum employee contributions and maximum employer compulsory contributions to 2%.
New Zealand
17 Dec 2008
Collective Employment Agreement Negotiations: The Battle For Hearts And Minds
There are regular examples of employers believing that Unions are misrepresenting their position to staff during Collective Employment Agreement negotiations, and trying to communicate directly with staff to explain their position. Similarly, there are examples of Unions claiming that employers have been communicating with staff in a way intended to undermine the Union’s negotiating position.
New Zealand
7 Jun 2007
Kiwisaver Update: Default Providers Selected: Tax Breaks For All Registered Superannuation Schemes Possible
Two recent announcements in relation to KiwiSaver will be of note for all employers. First, the Government has named the six ‘default providers’ it intends to appoint for KiwiSaver.
New Zealand
17 Jan 2007
Employment Court Confirms ‘Statutory Curb’ On Ability To Justify Dismissals
In late 2004 a new definition of what counts as ‘justifiable’ dismissal or other employer action was inserted into the Employment Relations Act.
New Zealand
5 Jul 2006
NZ Employment Bulletin: Considering a Business Restructure – Points to Watch
With economists predicting a downturn in the economy, it is timely to review employers’ obligations when restructuring. Any economic downturn is likely to lead to business sales, restructuring and other efficiency measures
New Zealand
30 Mar 2006
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