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Third Circuit Affirms Directed Verdict Following Rare Price Discrimination Trial
Failure to show antitrust injury proved fatal to price discrimination claims as the Third Circuit affirmed a directed verdict in favor of cement company,
United States
16 Sep 2019
Supreme Court: Filing An EEOC Charge Is Not A Jurisdictional Requirement
Davis subsequently filed suit for sexual harassment, retaliation, and religious discrimination.
United States
2 Jul 2019
2019 California Employment Legislation Update
The new year brings significant changes to California's employment laws, many of which increase protection for victims of harassment while restricting the use of nondisclosure agreements.
United States
30 Jan 2019
"Me Too" Movement Triggers Legislation In New York State And City
On May 9, 2018, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation designed to combat workplace sexual harassment.
United States
24 May 2018
U.S. Tax Reform Denies Deductions For Confidential Sexual Harassment Settlements
The recently enacted tax reform bill includes a provision that significantly affects how employers settle sexual harassment claims. Section 13307 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ...
United States
6 Apr 2018
Direct Sex Discrimination Not To Pay A Male Employee Enhanced Shared Parental Pay On The Same Basis As Enhanced Maternity Pay
Capita had a number of policies in place relating to pay during periods of maternity and parental leave. Female employees taking maternity leave were entitled to 14 weeks of basic pay followed by...
3 Oct 2017
Germany's Gender Pay Gap Law: What It Means For Employers
The German parliament has identified a gender pay gap and intends to close it.
29 Jun 2017
Mayor De Blasio Signs NYC Ban On Salary Inquiries
On May 4, 2017, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law that will prohibit New York City employers from inquiring about the salary and benefits histories of job applicants.
United States
9 May 2017
Japan's Action Plan For The Realization Of Work Style Reform
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently held 10 meetings of the "Council for the Realization of Work Style Reform," to discuss reforms to Japan's labor law system with experts from both the management...
2 May 2017
Gender Pay Gap Reporting Laws Update
A reminder that the government has published its final draft form of the Gender Pay Gap Regulations, which come into force on 6 April 2017.
22 Mar 2017
2017 California Employment Legislation And Regulatory Update
Additionally, the California minimum wage increased to $10.50 per hour on January 1, 2017.
United States
25 Jan 2017
European Labour & Employment Law Update I November 2016
Necessary conditions for any such secondment are the continuation of the original employment agreement and that the secondment is for a fixed term.
European Union
14 Nov 2016
What Does The DOJ's Recent Consent Decree With Miami University Mean For Digital Health Service Providers?
In the paragraphs that follow, we briefly summarize the basic terms of the Miami University Consent Decree and outline what it may mean to digital health providers.
United States
9 Nov 2016
Miami University Consent Decree
In May 2015, DOJ's Civil Rights Division joined with Ms. Dudley in prosecuting this action by filing a complaint in intervention against Miami University on behalf of the United States of America.
United States
9 Nov 2016
Fair Work Commission Dismisses Bullying Claim For "Hurt Feelings"
This decision provides employers an example of the sorts of conduct that do not constitute bullying within the meaning of the Fair Work Act 2009
13 Jul 2016
United States
21 Jun 2016
California Employment Regulators Issue Four Important Actions
The Fair Employment and Housing Council, the California agency responsible for implementing regulations under the Fair Employment and Housing Act ("FEHA"), issued new regulations that became effective April 1, 2016.
United States
26 May 2016
New Guidelines On Managing Workplace Harassment
On December 23, 2015, the Ministry of Manpower, National Trades Union Congress, and Singapore National Employers Federation issued the "Tripartite Advisory on Managing Workplace Harassment."
1 Apr 2016
The EEOC Proposes To Collect Pay Data From Employers On EEO-1s
Currently, the EEO-1 requires certain employers to report the number of workers they employ by job category and then by race/ethnicity and gender.
United States
7 Feb 2016
Japan Legal Update, Vol. 10 - December 2015/January 2016
On November 11, 2015, a cabinet order setting the effective date of the Act on Special Measures Concerning Civil Court Proceedings for the Collective Redress for Property Damage Incurred by Consumers was promulgated.
1 Feb 2016
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