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Sabbaticals – Getting It Right For Both Employer And Employee
Offering employees the opportunity to take a sabbatical is increasingly being seen as a desirable benefit.
19 Aug 2019
International Employment: Where Is It Best To Work And Why?
Our world is more open and accessible than ever before. With rapid technological advances, agile working is not just about working from home, but working from anywhere – including overseas.
4 Oct 2018
What's Next For Kevin Ollie And UConn? We Asked Lawyers To Weigh In
It was apparent within hours of Kevin Ollie's firing five months ago that UConn officials and the former coach would not have a clean separation with $10 million still on the line.
United States
15 Aug 2018
Investigation: Is It Right To Suspend An Employee?
On receipt of serious allegations against an employee, one of the first decisions that you need to make, as an employer, is whether to suspend your employee or not.
16 Jul 2018
UConn's Ollie Challenges "Just Cause" Termination
On March 10th, the University of Connecticut announced that it was firing Head Men's Basketball Coach, Kevin Ollie. Despite winning a National Championship in 2014, the firing was not a surprise to Husky fans.
United States
14 Mar 2018
Pulling A Sickie Can Be Bad For Your Employment Health
A website previously unbeknown to this female media lawyer at least – TheLADbible – came to my attention when one of its stories gained national tabloid currency in the tabloids this weekend.
23 Sep 2016
Dismissing For Poor Performance When The Employee Has Raised 'Whistleblowing' Concerns
The case of Royal Mail Group Limited -v- Ms K Jhuti concerned a scenario that might be unnervingly familiar to many. Ms Jhuti was a new employee who was discontented about the allocation of accounts to her.
21 Jul 2016
A Reason To Withhold Money?
Last week the High Court delivered its judgment in the case of Mr Williams v Leeds United Football Club. Mr Williams was given notice of termination of his employment by reason of redundancy in July 2013.
4 Mar 2015
Jobs Act- L’impatto Sull’art. 18 Dello Statuto Dei Lavoratori
È' ormai a tutti nota la volontà del Governo Renzi di abolire la norma che prevede la c.d. tutela reale in ipotesi di licenziamento illegittimo del lavoratore.
25 Oct 2014
Managing Employee Terminations Checklist
A thorough review of an employee's personnel file, before making a decision to terminate, allows the employer to make an informed termination decision with managed risk.
3 Oct 2014
Employment Law – A Shifting Landscape
The end of this month sees a new set of reforms of employment law come into effect. Whilst there are no surprises in terms of the content, the date on which some of the measures will be coming into force, 29 July 2013, has been announced only recently.
27 Jul 2013
Unfair Dismissal - Political Opinions Or Affiliation
A discussion on the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act, which will introduce a new exception to the qualifying period of employment for unfair dismissal in cases.
19 May 2013
Unfair Dismissal Claims Redfearn v The UK
The Government recently announced a further amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, which is about to receive Royal Assent and seeks to introduce a new exception to the qualifying period of employment for unfair dismissal.
15 May 2013
Employment Law Reform: Latest Developments
After much wrangling in Parliament over the last few weeks, two pieces of legislation, the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act and the Growth and Infrastructure Act received Royal Assent on 25 April 2013.
15 May 2013
Definitely, Maybe - The Year Ahead In Employment Law
Last year saw a huge number or proposals issued by a range of Government departments that will or may have an impact on employment law and HR practice.
7 Mar 2012
The Most Radical Reform To The Employment Law System For Decades...?
On Wednesday 23 November Vince Cable introduced the government's response to the consultation on "Resolving Workplace Disputes" and to the 'Red Tape Challenge'.
29 Nov 2011
When Do Individuals Working Abroad Have The Protection Of UK Employment Law?
In our September 2010 edition of Employment News, we highlighted recent cases on the issue of whether workers who spend some or all of their time abroad can claim unfair dismissal in Great Britain (and other rights under the Employment Rights Act 1996).
22 Nov 2011
Dismissed For Refusing A Pay Cut
In difficult trading conditions employers may be forced to consider adjustments to pay or bonuses as a means of ensuring the company’s survival.
22 Nov 2011
Changes In Sight For The Labor Law English: Good News For Employers?
The Government announced the increase of length of the minimum service required to sue for unfair dismissal and the introduction of a tax for labor courts.
23 Oct 2011
New Jobs For Old
In Morgan v The Welsh Rugby Union, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (‘EAT’) made an important distinction between the established, objective process employers should adopt when selecting employees for redundancy, and the less stringent procedure they are permitted to follow when considering potentially redundant employees for a genuinely new role.
9 Jun 2011
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