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India Introducing New Minimum Wage Regulation
India is one of the most significant countries in the world. It has the second largest population of any nation, with over 1.3 billion individuals.
8 Aug 2019
A Guide To Tax Regulations In Hong Kong 2019 - 2020
While considering moving a business into a new market, one of the key consideration is that country's tax regime.
Hong Kong
2 Aug 2019
Amendments To The KSA Labour Law
The Consultative Assembly of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also known as Majlis ash-Shura or Shura Council (the Council), met on 7 May 2019
Saudi Arabia
17 Jul 2019
New DIFC Employment Law, Law No.2 Of 2019
The Vice president and Prime Minister of UAE, His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum enacted the new Employment Law, Law No.2 on Wednesday 2019.
United Arab Emirates
25 Jun 2019
Analysis Of The Proposed Changes To The DIFC Employment Law
The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is one of the many free-zones in the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
11 Apr 2019
A Global View On Workers Rights With Special Emphasis On The UAE Laws
It is often said that workers rights are human rights. The statement expresses the importance of the protection of workers or labours in the society. Workers are members of the society
United Arab Emirates
28 Mar 2019
Kuwait Private Sector Annual Leave To Be Increased
Annual leave is a crucial aspect of the labor law in any nation, and there is usually a set amount that is consistent across all companies.
15 Mar 2019
NLRB's New Proposed Rule With Regard To Joint-Employers
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), on September 14, 2018, issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking setting the standard for determining the existence of joint-employer relationships.
United Arab Emirates
6 Mar 2019
Employment Of The UAE Nationals In The Private Sector
Emiratization is one of the most important national matters to UAE rulers and the Emirati pioneer people
United Arab Emirates
4 Jan 2019
A Guide To Saudi Employment Law 2018-2019
The basis of Saudi Arabia's employment legislation framework is fashioned on two pillars.
Saudi Arabia
10 Dec 2018
Dubai Law Number 8 Of 2018 – New HR Regulations
Work-life balance is a profoundly serious concept as it ensures a well-rounded life and the best possible lifestyle for an individual.
United Arab Emirates
4 Oct 2018
Employee Entitlement To 90 Days Of Sick Leave After 3 Months' Probation Period In The UAE
An employee of either private or public company are entitled to 90 days of sick leave, but it will apply after three months' probation period.
United Arab Emirates
24 May 2018
Employment Regime In The DIFC
However, one of the most important factors that played a crucial role in the country's development was left untouched: employment in the free zones...
United Arab Emirates
6 Nov 2017
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