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US Department Of Labor Finalizes Updated Overtime Pay Regulations
In the three-year old saga regarding anticipated changes to the minimum salary threshold for overtime exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA),
United States
2 Oct 2019
California Dreaming, California Nightmare - 3 Takeaways From California's Controversial Independent Contractor Bill Becoming Law
It's now official. After months of speculation, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill (AB) 5 into law on September 18,
United States
27 Sep 2019
Significant Changes To Polish Labor Law
The end of the year brought many changes to the labor law in Poland. What's new for employers? We present part one of a three-part newsletter dedicated to amendments to the labor law.
23 Sep 2019
The New Work Injury Compensation Act – Steps Towards Enhanced Protection For Employees And Employers
The Work Injury Compensation Bill 2019 (the Bill) was passed in Parliament on 3 September 2019.
23 Sep 2019
Tectonic Shift - Key Takeaways As California Legislature Passes Controversial Independent Contractor Bill
The California Legislature passed a closely watched bill on September 11, 2019 that, if signed into law, will make it harder for California businesses ...
United States
20 Sep 2019
Are Millennials Really Taking Over Our Workplaces?
The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has this month published a fascinating report as part of its Future of Work research programme entitled "Ageing Confidently: Supporting an Ageing
30 Aug 2019
UK People, Reward And Mobility Newsletter - August 2019
In this issue we look at some of the key employment law developments that have taken place over the past month. In particular, we examine: an employee pursuing a claim despite an illegal employment
30 Aug 2019
Deadline Looms For Expanded EEO-1 Filing
For US employers with 100 or more employees, extensive new information relating to their prior EEO-1 filings must be submitted by September 30, 2019
United States
12 Aug 2019
Government Issues Response To Pregnancy And Maternity Consultation
Continuing with the running theme of government consultations that have emerged over the course of July, the government last week released its response to the consultation on pregnancy
7 Aug 2019
UK People, Reward And Mobility Newsletter - July 2019
In this issue we look at some of the key employment law developments that have taken place over the past month.
5 Aug 2019
Redressing One-Sided Flexibility And Further Proposals To Support Families
There has been a flurry of activity in Theresa May's last week in office, including the government issuing further consultations under the auspices of the Good Work Plan.
31 Jul 2019
Covert Recordings: "For The Times They Are A-Changing"
Almost everyone carries around with them a recording device nowadays, in the form of a smartphone or wearable technology. Where does this leave HR managers and employers
31 Jul 2019
A Guide To Myanmar Labour Policies
Under section 5(a) of the Employment and Skills Development Law 2013, companies must enter into written employment contracts with all its employees within 30 days of employment
30 Jul 2019
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) – Proposed New Scheme To Replace End Of Service Gratuity
The DIFC is in the process of considering a new scheme to replace end of service gratuity, which is a lump sum payment payable to employees
United Arab Emirates
30 Jul 2019
Consultation On The Establishment Of A New Single Labour Market Enforcement Body In The UK
Since the publication of the 2017 Taylor Review of Modern Employment Practice and the government's subsequent Good Work Plan, we have been keeping you up to date with new regulations
25 Jul 2019
Is Ethnic Pay Gap Reporting On The Horizon?
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released an analysis this week of ethnicity pay gaps in the UK using earnings data from the Annual Population Survey
19 Jul 2019
Tribunal Issues Different Decisions For Different Contracts In IR35 Ruling
In the case of George Mantides Ltd v. HMRC [2019] TC07202, a personal services company (the Company) appealed against tax and NIC assessments under the IR35 rules.
18 Jul 2019
Proposed Change To Afford Certain Temporary Foreign Workers With Increased Mobility
IRCC, and ESDC, have proposed an amendment to the IRPR, which would provide increased employment mobility to certain foreign workers under the TFWP.
12 Jul 2019
EU Developments: What New Measures Might We See On Workers' Rights?
The EU Council has had a busy month, adopting two new directives which will strengthen employees' rights.
European Union
5 Jul 2019
Personal Liability Of Directors For Breaching The Terms Of Employment Contracts
The Lithuanian workers were employed by DJ Houghton Chicken Catching Services to work at various farms across the UK as chicken catchers
19 Jun 2019
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