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New Jersey Releases Guidance Clarifying Stance On Hairstyle Discrimination
This announcement is part of a growing trend that follows similar efforts earlier this year in New York and California.
United States
26 Sep 2019
NLRB Issues Notices Of Proposed Rule Making To Codify Certain Union Election Procedures
The NLRB recently published a Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding three proposed amendments to its current rules and regulations for union elections.
United States
22 Aug 2019
NY Lawmakers Propose Gig Worker Protection Law
Just before the end of the legislative session, lawmakers in New York introduced the "Dependent Worker Act," which proposes to provide workers in the gig economy with certain rights, including the right to unionize.
United States
9 Jul 2019
New Jersey To Require Hotel Employers To Provide "Panic Devices" To Employees
On June 11, 2019, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a law requiring covered hotels to provide "panic devices" to employees engaged in "housekeeping or room service duties."
United States
1 Jul 2019
District Court Of New Jersey Finds Plaintiff Agreed To Arbitrate By Not Opting Out Of The Arbitration Program
The District Court of New Jersey recently found an arbitration agreement to be enforceable where the employee acknowledged receipt and did not follow the procedure to opt out of the arbitration program.
United States
25 Jan 2019
New York Extends Wage Deduction Rules
New York's expanded list of permissible wage deductions has been extended until 2020.
United States
9 Jan 2019
Thinking About E-Verify? Verify With The Union First!
Seyfarth Synopsis: The E-Verify program has become a controversial topic in the political arena and throughout workplaces nationwide.
United States
26 Sep 2018
Striking Workers Are Now Eligible For Unemployment Benefits In New Jersey
On August 10, 2018, Governor Phil Murphy signed a law that would permit striking workers to collect unemployment benefits in New Jersey.
United States
22 Aug 2018
GC Memorandum 18-02 "Remedies" – Board's Approach To Remedies
On Friday, December 1, 2017, newly appointed NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb issued a memorandum containing a broad overview of his initial agenda as General Counsel.
United States
22 Dec 2017
Shifty Business III: NYS Proposes Rules Requiring Pay For On-Call Scheduling Practices
Proposed rules released by the NYS DOL would require employees to be paid for time not worked due to on-call scheduling practices.
United States
16 Nov 2017
Hello & Goodbye: More Changes At The NLRB
As we previously reported, President Trump nominated two candidates for vacancies on the five-member National Labor Relations Board – William Emanuel and Marvin Kaplan.
United States
23 Aug 2017
New York Appellate Court Strikes Down Class Action Waivers
As our loyal readers are well aware, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument in its Fall 2017 term regarding the enforceability of arbitration agreements with class and collective action waivers.
United States
31 Jul 2017
DC Circuit "Busts" NLRB's Finding Of Weingarten Violation By Las Vegas Casino
A three-member panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit put the National Labor Relations Board "on tilt" when it overturned a decision finding that Bellagio, LLC violated...
United States
17 May 2017
Howard Wexler Interviewed By The Legal Talk Network
Howard Wexler was interviewed in "Lawyer 2 Lawyer: The Trump Administration and U.S. Labor Laws," a March 3 podcast from the Legal Talk Network on U.S. Federal Labor laws...
United States
16 Mar 2017
NY DOL Approves Regulations To Increase Salary Threshold For Exempt Employees
With employers about to ring in 2017, the New York State Department of Labor—with only two days to spare—has finalized regulations to increase the salary threshold for exempt status.
United States
6 Jan 2017
No "Double Dipping"! Second Circuit Rejects Combination Of Liquidated Damages Under FLSA And NY Labor Law
The Second Circuit recently gave employers an early holiday present when it resolved a long-standing split among New York federal courts...
United States
20 Dec 2016
NLRB Tells Employers To Mind Their Own Business
An Administrative Law Judge held that an employer's policy of prohibiting employees from conducting personal business at work, along with its social media and solicitation/distribution policies...
United States
1 Aug 2016
The NLRB Guards "Mixed-Guard" Units Against Withdrawn Recognition
These days, employers are having a harder time relying on well-established law from the NLRB.
United States
27 Jun 2016
A Costly Lesson For Employers On Replacement Workers
According to the Board, an employer is motivated by an "independent unlawful purpose" when they intend "to discriminate or to encourage or discourage union membership."
United States
10 Jun 2016
Opening The Vault – The EEOC's New Position On Handing Over Position Statements To Charging Parties
With little fanfare, the EEOC quietly announced on February 18, 2016 its adoption of new "Nationwide Procedures for Releasing Respondent Position Statements and Obtaining Responses from Charging Parties."
United States
29 Feb 2016
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