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Governor Cuomo Signs Landmark Legislation Impacting Anti-Discrimination And Anti-Harassment Laws
As expected, Governor Cuomo signed another landmark piece of legislation amending New York's anti-discrimination and sexual harassment laws.
United States
15 Aug 2019
New York State Legislature Passes Major Amendments To Anti-Discrimination And Anti-Harassment Laws
Seyfarth Synopsis: The New York State Legislature has passed, and Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is expected to sign, a bill amending the state's anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws
United States
8 Jul 2019
The NYC Commission On Human Rights' Online Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Video Is Now Available
Seyfarth Synopsis: The Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act requires employers with 15 or more employees to conduct annual, interactive anti-sexual harassment training.
United States
15 Apr 2019
New York City Commission On Human Rights Releases Lactation Policy Materials
In compliance with legislation passed last year, the New York City Commission on Human Rights has released model lactation accommodation policies and a model lactation accommodation request form.
United States
29 Mar 2019
New York City Lactation Room Laws To Go Into Effect
Seyfarth Synopsis: Effective March 18, 2019, New York City employers will be required to ensure their lactation rooms meet additional minimum standards and implement a new policy ...
United States
17 Jan 2019
Shifting Gears: New York State Revises Proposed Call-In Pay Rules
Seyfarth Synopsis: The New York State Department of Labor recently published proposed regulations that, if adopted, will require many employers to provide "call-in pay"
United States
10 Jan 2019
New York City To Require Lactation Rooms In The Workplace
Seyfarth Synopsis: Recently passed "Mother's Day bills" will require employers to provide lactation rooms to employees expressing milk and to implement a policy informing employees
United States
1 Nov 2018
Proposed National Paid Leave And Flexible Work Options Law Will Preempt State Leave Laws
Three Republicans from the House of Representatives hailing from states with paid family and sick leave laws have sponsored the Workflex in the 21st Century Act ..
United States
29 Nov 2017
Proposed Regulations Issued For New York Paid Family Leave Law
Seyfarth Synopsis: The Workers' Compensation Board issued proposed regulations for New York's Paid Family Leave Law ("PFL").
United States
21 Mar 2017
"Freelance Isn't Free" Says The New York City Council
If signed by Mayor DiBlasio, the "Freelance Isn't Free Act," passed by the New York City Council on October 28, 2016, will extend freelance workers' significant protections...
United States
15 Nov 2016
Family Matters: New York State Minimum Wage Increase & Paid Family Leave
New York will increase its minimum wage to $15.00 an hour in gradual increases, beginning December 31, 2016.
United States
22 Apr 2016
DOL's New Companionship Exemption To Take Effect On October 13
As we previously reported, this past August, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Department of Labor's Final Rule imposing sweeping changes to the former companionship exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
United States
14 Oct 2015
Second Circuit Creates Split Regarding Definition Of Whistleblower Under Dodd-Frank's Anti-Retaliation Provisions
As we have discussed in our earlier posts, whistleblower status under Dodd-Frank's anti-retaliation provisions is a hotly contested issue, with courts around the country sharply divided.
United States
18 Sep 2015
Home Health Care Agencies Feeling Sick After Friday's Circuit Court Ruling
The newly upheld revisions will significantly reduce the number of individuals covered by the exemption, bringing many new employees within the FLSA's minimum wage and overtime protections.
United States
26 Aug 2015
Change To FLSA Companionship Exemption Extends Minimum Wage And Overtime Protections To Home Health Care Aides
After almost fourteen months of legal challenges, the U.S. Department of Labor has emerged victorious in its attempt to modify the FLSA's companionship exemption.
United States
26 Aug 2015
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