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New York City Council Passes Bill Banning Pre-Employment Marijuana Drug Testing
On April 9, 2019, the New York City Council enacted a bill banning pre-employment testing for marijuana use. The bill passed on a 41−4 vote and is expected to be signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.
United States
9 May 2019
Weed At Work: Is Cannabis Covered Under State Benefit Programs?
Although federal and state marijuana laws may conflict, many state laws support medical use of the drug in connection with disability and medical leave management.
United States
22 Feb 2019
U.S. Supreme Court Delivers An Epic Decision For Employers
On May 21, 2018, Justice Gorsuch delivered a 5−4 opinion for the U.S. Supreme Court holding that arbitration agreements containing class and collective action waivers must be enforced pursuant to the FAA, ...
United States
25 May 2018
NYC Law Prohibits Employers from Asking Job Applicants for Salary History
New York City recently enacted a law prohibiting employers from asking about a job applicant's salary history during all stages of the employment hiring process. The
United States
25 May 2017
Trumping Labor
Dean Rocco (Partner-Los Angeles) is the author of "Trumping Labor," an article on the Trump Administration's changes in employment law and those in the works.
United States
21 Apr 2017
Los Angeles: The Latest City To Ban The Box
Effective January 22, 2017, Los Angeles became the latest major city to "ban the box" and prohibit employers from obtaining information about an applicant's criminal history during the initial stages of employment.
United States
10 Apr 2017
California Supreme Court On Employee Rest Periods
The California Supreme Court recently published Augustus et al., v. ABM Security Services, Inc. holding that California law prohibits on-duty and/or on-call rest periods...
United States
10 Apr 2017
Potential Shifts In Employment Law Under The Trump Administration
With stories of "fake" news, agency leaks and Russian election influence continuing to dominate the headlines, the Trump Administration's impact on the employment law landscape is not getting much attention.
United States
10 Apr 2017
An Employment Policy Is Only Good If the Company Enforces It
Uniform practices can make the difference in defending a discrimination case or a wrongful termination dispute.
United States
3 Mar 2017
The California Edition of the Employment & Labor Newsletter - January 2017
Employers should consult with counsel to ensure relevant policies and procedures are updated and for advice on compliance issues.
United States
20 Jan 2017
California Imposes Broad Liability In "Take-Home" Toxic Exposure Cases
The Supreme Court of California has overturned prior case law and imposed broad new liability on "employers and premises owners" in "take-home" toxic exposure cases.
United States
29 Dec 2016
EEOC Issues Updated, Expansive Guidance On Retaliation Claims
The new EEOC Enforcement Guidance replaces guidance issued in 1998.
United States
27 Sep 2016
Department Of Fair Employment And Housing Unveils 2016−2017 Strategic Plan
The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has unveiled its 2016−2017 Strategic Plan, which will guide the Department in working toward its vision over the next three to five years
United States
15 Aug 2016
Recruiting Practice Reminders
If you are a hiring manager or human resources professional who posts job openings to your organization's website, carefully review the content to ensure it is specific, clear and concise.
United States
15 Aug 2016
Chicago Joins Growing Trend In Requiring Paid Sick Leave
The City of Chicago joined an emerging national trend when it unanimously passed an ordinance that requires employers to provide workers with paid sick days.
United States
11 Aug 2016
Los Angeles Expected to Join Other Cities with Paid Sick Leave Ordinances
The Los Angeles City Council voted 13−1 to pass a motion directing the City Attorney's Office to move forward with a proposed ordinance requiring employers to provide paid sick leave to employees who work for them in the City of Los Angeles.
United States
10 Jun 2016
Employers Should Ensure Their Policies Comply with the Recent Amendments to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act
The Amendments to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) regulations that went into effect on April 1, 2016, provide helpful guidance to employers and further clarify the requirements of California law prohibiting harassment, discrimination and retaliation under FEHA.
United States
10 Jun 2016
EEOC Issues New Guidance On Employee Wellness Programs
Employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace as a way to boost employee morale and increase productivity.
United States
8 Jun 2016
Department Of Labor Issues Revised Overtime Rule Increasing Minimum Compensation Levels For Exempt Employees
On May 18, 2016, President Obama and Labor Secretary Perez announced the long-awaited publication of the Department of Labor's Final Rule regarding the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
United States
26 May 2016
Employers Reminded To Post Annual Work Injury And Illness Summaries
Employees have a right to review the list of injuries and illness records.
United States
25 Apr 2016
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