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Loss Of Holiday Entitlement – Higher Hurdles For Employers If They Want To Ensure That Employees Lose The Right To Claim Outstanding Holiday Entitlement At The End Of The Calendar Year
The German Federal Leave Act (Bundesurlaubsgesetz) provides that employees forfeit the right to claim outstanding holiday entitlement at the end of the calendar year or at the end of a specific transfer period...
4 Jul 2019
Supreme Court Decision Announced In Pimlico Plumbers Case
The case has been closely monitored because of its impact on organisations engaging large numbers of individuals on a self-employed basis...
14 Jun 2018
EU Case Confirms That Employers Do Not Have Carte Blanche For Workplace Monitoring
In early 2016, a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) case (Barbulescu v. Romania) attracted much publicity because it appeared to give employers the green light to read employees' private emails.
European Union
14 Sep 2017
Is The Shipping Industry Ready For UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting?
It's an acknowledged fact that women are significantly underrepresented in the shipping industry – accounting for just 2% of the workforce globally.
17 Aug 2017
Taylor Review: A Review of the Review
Today, the much-anticipated Taylor Review was published, with a speech by Matthew Taylor outlining his recommendations, followed by comments from Prime Minister Theresa May.
19 Jul 2017
Gender Pay Gap Reporting – Do we need more?
Today is International Women's Day. What originally started life in 1909 as a single protest organised by the Socialist Party of America in New York, is now a global event with the backing of the United Nations and some of the world's largest corporations
8 Mar 2017
Gender Pay Gap Reporting – Your Questions Answered
With gender pay gap reporting obligations about to come into force, we set out below our answers to some frequently asked questions on the topic.
4 Mar 2017
CVs: The Whole Truth?
At the start of July, Andrea Leadsom was caught in a storm of questions about the true nature of her 25-year track record in the City of London.
14 Sep 2016
A Null And Void Non-Compete Clause Does Not Trigger Automatic Damages
Until now, there has been no requirement for an employee to demonstrate any loss suffered to be entitled to damages owing to a null and void non-compete clause inserted into his or her employment contract.
24 Jun 2016
The Organization Of The Staff Representatives' Meetings: The Enlightenment Of The Decree Of 12 April
Rebsamen law provides that staff representatives' meetings may be held by videoconference, if agreed by the employer company and staff representatives.
16 May 2016
The Dismissal Of A Protected Employee In Consideration Of His/Her Repeated Or Long Sick Leaves Unrelated To An Occupational Disease Is Not Subject To A Prior Redeployment Obligation
Under French law, the dismissal of a ‘protected employee' i.e. an employee having a mandate of trade union or staff representative is subject to the prior authorisation of the French Labour Inspector.
25 Apr 2016
EU Case Confirms Workplace Monitoring Of Private Communications Does Not Necessarily Breach Employee Privacy Rights
On 12 January 2016, the European Court of Human Rights handed down a decision on the lawfulness of monitoring private messages sent on an employee's Yahoo! Messenger account using the employer's computer system; the case was Barbulescu v. Romania.
European Union
22 Jan 2016
Do Employers Have The Right To Read Employees' Private Emails?
A recent European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) case (Barbulescu –v- Romania) has attracted much publicity in the UK press as giving employers the green light to read employees' private emails. Is that correct and does this case really change things?
18 Jan 2016
What's New For Employment Law In 2016?
Readers may be glad to know that there is (perhaps) a less-busy year on the horizon in terms of changes to UK employment law.
15 Jan 2016
New Rights For Zero-Hours Workers
A quick reminder that new rules in place as of 11 January 2016 give greater protection to zero-hours workers, protecting them from dismissal and suffering from a detriment...
12 Jan 2016
Germany To Significantly Expand Protections For Temporary Workers
The German government's plan to strengthen the rights of temporary workers could have far-reaching implications for companies that have any workers based in the country.
25 Nov 2015
Government Publishes Guidance On The Reporting Obligation In The Modern Slavery Act
Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) requires certain businesses to publish an annual statement explaining what steps they are taking to ensure there is no modern slavery within their own business and their supply chains.
30 Oct 2015
Government Announces Requirement For Large Employers To Publish Details Of Bonuses Awarded To Employees
This week, the Government announced a further measure aimed at eliminating gender pay inequality, requiring larger businesses with more than 250 employees to publish information regarding the bonuses awarded to their male and female employees.
28 Oct 2015
Key Employment Updates - 5 October 2015
With summer now officially over, we set out below some important updates to be aware of as the ‘back to work' period begins.
6 Oct 2015
Time Travelling To And From Work Can Count As Working Time – UPDATED
The employees in this case worked for the security company, Tyco. They installed domestic and commercial security systems.
European Union
11 Sep 2015
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