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Diversity Of People And Diversity Of Thought
Conversations are taking place across the globe regarding women in business, particularly on boardroom representation and the gender pay gap.
Isle of Man
18 Mar 2019
More Changes To Jersey's Family Friendly Laws Proposed
Following on from the changes that were introduced last September, proposed amendments have been lodged with the States Assembly to further extend Jersey's family friendly legislation to bring it much closer ...
20 Feb 2019
Vicarious Liability At The Christmas After-Party
With the holiday season fast approaching and with it the obligatory work related holiday parties, a recent ruling in the UK regarding the vicarious liability of an employer in respect of an injury...
4 Dec 2018
Secondments - Getting It Right
Secondment assignments are quite common in Bermuda, particularly in respect of start-up companies. This is where an employee (Secondee) from one organisation (Employer) is temporarily assigned...
25 Oct 2018
BVI Update - New Visa Exemption Order For Chinese Nationals
China looks to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) in several respects. From an economic perspective, China has been the BVI's trading partner for many years.
British Virgin Islands
25 Sep 2018
Effects Of The Sale Of A Business On Employees (Part 2)
In part one of this two part series, we considered the three main scenarios for a business sale typically encountered in Bermuda as well as the key concerns employers ...
6 Sep 2018
A Week In The Life Of Phoebe Harwood
My name is Phoebe Harwood, I'm 19 and was born in the Isle of Man. Last year, after finishing sixth form, I applied for the Marketing Apprenticeship being offered by Appleby in collaboration...
Isle of Man
14 Aug 2018
Mauritius Government Tables National Budget
On 14 June 2018 the Mauritian Prime Minister, in his capacity as Minister of Finance, tabled the National Budget for the fiscal year 2018/2019 under the theme "Pursuing Our Transformative Journey".
25 Jun 2018
Candidate Screening - How Far Is Too Far?
If not and a check is appropriate, then consideration must be given to the level of check.
5 Jan 2018
Pride And 'Without Prejudice' - How Not To Exit An Employee
Whilst most employers these days have in place procedures to deal with underperforming employees, there is still the temptation to short cut the process and do a deal early on to avoid the pain and effort...
1 Jul 2016
Guernsey Approves Introduction Of New Family Friendly Rights From April 2016
The States of Guernsey have approved the introduction of new family friendly rights, including time off for antenatal care, maternity / adoption leave, support leave for partners and keeping in touch days.
26 Feb 2016
Guide To Employment Law In Guernsey
Where there is no relevant entitlement to be included within the particulars, the statement shall include that fact e.g. no entitlement to a pension scheme.
12 Feb 2016
Getting To Know The Locals - An Overview Of Legal And Regulatory Factors For Businesses In Jersey
Over the last 12 months, we have advised a number of clients on sales and acquisitions of Jersey businesses and we have recently seen a number of high profile moves by hedge funds and other businesses...
10 Feb 2016
Shared Paternity Leave – A Quantum Leap For Guernsey?
Ahead of the planned deliberations by the States for the proposed maternity legislation next week, an amendment has been submitted to effectively introduce the concept of shared parental leave to Guernsey.
27 Jul 2015
Incentives For Job Makers Act 2013: Ministry Of Home Affairs Increases Transparency While Making Bermuda A More Attractive Place To Do Business For Employers
Under the Incentives for Job Makers Act 2013, employers can apply to the Minister of Home Affairs to obtain the concession of having their senior executives...
13 Apr 2015
Changes To Bermuda Work Permit Policies Effective December 2014
Bermuda's Ministry of Home Affairs issued for consultation in October 2014 proposed changes to the Work Permit Policy to be made effective 1 March 2015.
4 Mar 2015
Bermuda Labour Judgment: Employees Have Increased Bargaining Power
The Supreme Court of Bermuda (the Court) has handed down a landmark labour judgment with immediate ramifications for employers dealing with employee complaints under the Employment Act 2000 (the Act).
9 Jan 2014
Mauritius Enhances The Role Of Trade Unions In The Employer/Employee Relationship
Four years ago Mauritius brought about a new era in its employment laws by re-defining the employer/employee relationship when it promulgated the Employment Rights Act 2008 that came into force in February 2009.
4 Oct 2013
Home-Working A Privilege Not A Right In Bermuda
The concept of employees working from home is not a new phenomenon but the trend is expanding rapidly worldwide – and could start taking root here in Bermuda.
12 Sep 2012
Employee Rights – Up In The Air
Last Year, A Confidential Uk Government Report Commissioned By The Prime Minister And Written By Venture Capitalist, Adrian Beecroft, Was Leaked.
Isle of Man
21 Aug 2012
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