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From In-House To Private Practice, Onshore To Offshore: Q&A With Associate Bryan Little
recently joined Ogier's dispute resolution team in Cayman. He has experience working in London, Guernsey and Cayman and studied at the Cayman Islands Law School
Cayman Islands
7 Oct 2019
Trusts (Amendment) Law, 2019
Morven McMillan discusses the latest amendments to the Trusts Amendment Law in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
7 Oct 2019
New Requirements For Excluded Persons Securities Investment Business (Amendment) Law 2019
The amendment also introduces an additional exemption from the provisions of the law for single family offices.
Cayman Islands
28 Jun 2019
Trends In Offshore Funds - Wells Fargo Prime Services
The increasingly complex regulatory environment means that clients and their advisers have to think much more deeply about cross border regulatory issues.
Cayman Islands
26 Jun 2019
Palladyne: Application Of UN And EU Sanctions In The Cayman Islands
Judicial decisions on the application of UN and EU sanctions are few and far between, particularly in offshore jurisdictions.
Cayman Islands
4 Apr 2019
The Blessings And Burdens Of A Cayman Trust Dispute
Raw family wounds, generational rifts, and suspicions of wrong-doing are the bread and butter of trust disputes in the modern world. 
Cayman Islands
1 Apr 2019
New Cayman Case Law On The CIDL Regime
Cayman partner Bernadette Carey and associate Ardil Salem look at the implications of the recent In re XYZ Limited ...
Cayman Islands
20 Mar 2019
Open Secrets: New Cayman Case Law On The CIDL Regime
As noted in our recent article 'Private Lives and Public Interest', the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands (the "Grand Court") ...
Cayman Islands
21 Feb 2019
Cayman Islands Court Rules Against Palladyne On Sanctions And Dismissal By Libyan Investment
The Financial Services Division of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands has ruled to dismiss in their entirety claims made by Palladyne International Asset Management (PIAM) ...
Cayman Islands
13 Feb 2019
Cryptocurrency Funds: Risk Or Opportunity For The Cayman Islands?
It may be surprising to learn that the word "cryptocurrency" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014
Cayman Islands
11 Feb 2019
BVI Court Breaks New Ground In Appointing "Soft Touch" Provisional Liquidators In Constellation Overseas Ltd And Others
The BVI Commercial Court has for the first time appointed what are colloquially referred to as "soft touch" provisional liquidators for the purpose of a restructuring in respect of 6 BVI companies.
Cayman Islands
11 Feb 2019
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority – Quarterly Statistics, Investment Funds (To Year End, 2018)
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) has published statistics for the numbers of private investment funds registered with them across various categories and in aggregate (typically excluding PE and VC) as at the end of 2018.
Cayman Islands
30 Jan 2019
EU's Expanded Tax Haven Blacklist Could Apply To U.S.
The European Union plans to update its year-old blacklist of tax havens to include new criteria and an expanded geographic reach—possibly all the way to the U.S.
European Union
18 Jan 2019
Channel Islands Should Be Looking East In 2019
HISTORY shows that a successful offshore jurisdiction is one which is capable of most effectively connecting, and providing a conduit between, ‘capital originating markets' and ‘destination markets'.
7 Jan 2019
Update On M&A Activity In The Cayman Islands H1 2018
The Cayman Islands continue to be busy with cross-border activity and remains the most active offshore jurisdiction. Cayman-incorporated companies were the target of 421 transactions ...
Cayman Islands
7 Jan 2019
Cryptoassets As An Alternative Investment Class For Cayman Islands Alternative Investment Funds
In this article partner Abraham Thoppil examines certain aspects of cryptoassets that directors and investment managers of Cayman funds consider as part of their strategy for investment
Cayman Islands
4 Jan 2019
Considering Your New Year's Resolutions? Managing Your Wealth Should Be One
It's common around this time of year to receive cards wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.
19 Dec 2018
Cayman Local Substance (BEPS) Requirements, Draft Legislation Published
On Thursday December 6th, 2018 the Cayman Islands Government published draft legislation entitled "The International Tax Co-operation (Economic Substance) Bill, 2018".
Cayman Islands
18 Dec 2018
Walkers Hedge Funds Trends - Part 1
From our vantage point as advisers to many of the world's top investment fund managers and financial institutions
14 Dec 2018
GP/LP Advice, Women In PE And Downstream Trends – Partner Joanne Huckle On Private Equity Hot Topics
Increasingly, I am instructed by LPs seeking their own Cayman legal counsel prior to committing capital.
Cayman Islands
14 Dec 2018
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