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Economic Substance Requirements In The Crown Dependencies
The Governments of the Crown Dependencies have published draft legislation that will require resident companies carrying on certain activities to have "adequate substance" in their jurisdictions.
28 Nov 2018
A Substantial Undertaking
At the time of writing, one of the most significant matters facing the Channel Islands investment management sector (and in fact, offshore business as a whole)...
13 Nov 2018
The Advantages Of Listing Securities In The Channel Islands
The International Stock Exchange (TISE) provides recognised facilities for the listing and trading of debt instruments and securities issued by companies and other forms of investment vehicles.
European Union
25 Jul 2018
Bermuda Companies Act Update
Bermuda is a popular choice of jurisdiction of incorporation for many businesses listed on Hong Kong's stock exchange.
6 Jul 2018
New Hong Kong Listing Regime For Companies From Emerging And Innovative Sectors
New chapters and amendments have made significant changes to the Hong Kong listing regime in the past two decades and opened up a new era for the Hong Kong capital markets.
Hong Kong
28 Jun 2018
Recent Decisions From The Cayman Islands In Merger Valuation Disputes
A number of Section 238 cases are continuing to work their way through the courts.
Cayman Islands
27 Jun 2018
Snapshot Petitions Report 2017
This Snapshot Report provides our annual review of the petition filings and resultant court orders in respect of distressed companies in six offshore jurisdictions.
26 Jun 2018
On Board: Liability And Indemnity
That is because international standards of corporate integrity and transparency are growing features of cross jurisdictional financial initiatives.
21 May 2018
Grand Scheme Of Things
The scheme of arrangement is a versatile and flexible merger, acquisition or restructuring tool frequently deployed by clients of the corporate department of Appleby, Jersey.
4 May 2018
On-Board: The Role And Duties Of Directors
Bermuda's vibrant business platform can present many opportunities for individuals to become a director of a Bermuda company.
24 Apr 2018
Offshore-I Report On Offshore M&A 2017
Offshore-i is an Appleby report that analyses offshore deal data and provides expert insight into the world of offshore transactions
20 Apr 2018
Bermuda Broadens Beneficial Ownership Regime
In order to preserve its reputation as a well-regarded and desired domicile for quality business, Bermuda has committed to implementing international standards ...
11 Apr 2018
Horizon Scanning - Betting And Gaming Quarterly Review
We recently contributed the Isle of Man chapter to the Eversheds Sutherland Horizon Scanning - Betting and Gaming quarterly review, an interactive guide to keep readers informed about the key...
Isle of Man
27 Mar 2018
Getting Restructuring Recognised In Jersey
This year has already seen a number of major high street casualties in the sectors of retail and casual dining, with reports that the number of UK based restaurants "going under" increased by...
22 Mar 2018
Offshore Restructuring Outlook
The first quarter of 2018 has seen the Dow and NASDAQ pushing through record highs, increasing consumer confidence in the U.S. and Europe (excluding the UK) and the January ADP jobs report, the latest at the time of writing, showed private payrolls increasing by 49,000 (26.5%) more than expected.
Cayman Islands
5 Mar 2018
Segregated Account Companies
A company incorporated in Bermuda or to which the Companies Act 1981 otherwise applies, can apply to be registered under the Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000 (Act).
2 Feb 2018
For Whose Benefit? Transparency And Beneficial Ownership In The Isle Of Man
30 June 2018 is the absolute cut-off date by which all companies and certain other entities in the Isle of Man must have submitted details of their principal owners ...
Isle of Man
24 Jan 2018
New Exemptions For Fund Managers
As of the first of November 2017, Isle of Man law allows for the establishment of a person to act as exempt manager, exempt asset manager or exempt investment adviser to or more Isle of Man specialist funds...
24 Jan 2018
Offshore Restructuring Review And Outlook
With 2017 having drawn to a close, it makes sense to look back briefly at the work which has driven the offshore restructuring world in the past year.
Cayman Islands
9 Jan 2018
Candidate Screening - How Far Is Too Far?
If not and a check is appropriate, then consideration must be given to the level of check.
5 Jan 2018
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