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A Tax Office In A Tax Free Country
'Never a dull moment' has probably never been more true for tax professionals than it is today. Tax is on the political agenda worldwide and the topic catches headlines in all reputable media on a near daily basis.
United Arab Emirates
20 Jul 2016
HMRC Continue To Crack Down On Tax Avoidance And Tax Evasion (Video Content)
This video discusses the tools that tax authorities are using to tackle tax avoidance schemes as announced in this year's UK budget, March 2016.
4 Apr 2016
Recent Changes To BVI Legislation
First, there have been amendments to the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 ('BCA') which provide for the filing for registration by the Registrar of Corporate Affairs ('Registrar') of copies of a company's register of members and register of directors.
British Virgin Islands
22 Mar 2016
LDF – Prendere O Lasciare: La Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility
La Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) venne introdotta nel settembre 2009 per permettere ai contribuenti del Regno Unito di effettuare la disclosure dei beni offshore non sottoposti a tassazione.
8 Dec 2015
Do The Words 'United Kingdom' Include Jersey And The Isle Of Man?
You may have seen reference in the press to the success of our client, The Royal Society, in securing offshore funds belonging to its benefactor the late Mr Crowley-Milling.
1 Dec 2015
New BVI Legal Practitioners
With a legal system based on English common law, the Virgin Islands ('BVI') is a highly regarded offshore jurisdiction with a proven track record in dispute resolution.
British Virgin Islands
9 Jun 2015
A New Dawn In BVI Dispute Resolution
The BVI has a modern, sophisticated, well respected legal system, based on English common law, which makes it well placed to accommodate disputes involving BVI entities.
British Virgin Islands
9 Jun 2015
Russian De-Offshorisation Legislation – How The New Law On Taxation Of Controlled Foreign Companies Affects You And Your Clients
The new law on the taxation of controlled foreign companies and other anti-offshore measures has received Presidential Assent on 24 November 2014.
Russian Federation
28 Nov 2014
New Trust And Tax Reporting Obligations For UK Resident Non Doms – A Mini UK FATCA?
UK resident non-domiciliaries, who have offshore bank accounts and interests in non-UK structures, are currently not required to provide any information about those accounts/structures to HMRC.
25 Nov 2014
FATCA Implications For Offshore Investment Funds And Their US Investment Managers
FATCA was enacted in response to concerns that US taxpayers were avoiding US tax by using offshore financial institutions to hide assets.
United States
3 Aug 2014
Trust, Trustee, Beneficiari Ed Alle Fondazioni: Ultime Novità
La menzionata Legge Europea 2013 ha esteso l'ambito di applicazione della normativa esistente in tema di dichiarazioni anche a Trust, Truste, Beneficiari ed alle Fondazioni non residenti.
31 Jul 2014
US Announces Changes To The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs
The IRS announced major changes to its offshore voluntary compliance programs, resulting in new guidance for taxpayers overseas and those in the US.
29 Jun 2014
No Disclosure, No Liberty!
The English courts are getting tough on individuals who claim to have no control over trust assets when the reality is very different.
8 Jun 2014
Russian Anti-Offshore Initiatives: Draft Law On Controlled Foreign Company Rules And Other Measures
On the 18th of March the Russian Ministry of Finance published a draft law on anti-offshore measures.
Russian Federation
5 Jun 2014
Russian Anti-Offshore Initiatives: Updated Draft Law On Controlled Foreign Company Rules And Other Measures
On the 18th of March the Russian Ministry of Finance published a draft law on anti-offshore measures.
Russian Federation
5 Jun 2014
'Deoffshorisation' Of Russian Economy: Draft Law On Controlled Foreign Company Legislation And Other Measures
On the 18th of March the Russian Ministry of Finance published a draft law on anti-offshore measures.
3 Apr 2014
Asia Autumn Statement 2013
We set out below the personal tax highlights from today’s Autumn Statement. Unsurprisingly the main focus of the statement was the UK’s economic progress, and many of the measures announced are UK focussed.
10 Dec 2013
Jersey Introduces New Legislation To Protect Trusts
The article examines the scope of the new Jersey legislation aimed at fending off attacks against Jersey Trusts.
11 Mar 2013
Guiding You Through Fraud Investigation And Asset Tracing In The BVI - Mareva Injunctions
A freezing order (or Mareva injunction) is a type of injunction which restrains a party from removing or dealing with his or her assets and monies to prevent dissipation, which would otherwise, defeat the purpose of a later judgment.
British Virgin Islands
25 Jul 2012
The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility
The global trend towards international tax transparency gathered further momentum on 11 August 2009 following the surprising announcement that the Government of Liechtenstein and the UK tax authority (‘HMRC’) signed a Memorandum of Understanding relating to cooperation in tax matters.
26 Aug 2009
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