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Powering Peterborough To Take UK Environment Crown
One of the main challenges facing local authorities today - that of maintaining frontline services in the face of increasing budget cuts - is well documented.
3 Nov 2016
Transposing The Amended EIA Directive – Preparing For Change
On 12 March 2014, the European Parliament voted to adopt substantive amendments to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive 2011/92/EU.
4 Mar 2016
CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: Keeping On Top Of Your Timetable
It’s that time of year in the CRC calendar when participants need to think about purchasing allowances in the forecast sale.
6 Mar 2015
DCLG Adjusts EIA Screening Thresholds
Government yesterday published their response to last summer’s ‘technical consultation’ on increasing screening thresholds for environmental impact assessment.
14 Jan 2015
Reserved Revisions Or Seismic Shift? - Observations On The IASB’s Extractive Activities Draft Discussion Paper
There is much diversity in accounting for extractive industries under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
21 Oct 2009
Managing Complex Transformations - Achieving Excellence
A summary of our transformation management and programme leadership capability in the mining industry
14 Oct 2009
Making Informed Decisions: Oil And Gas Transactions Services
In order to help you keep ahead of the fast moving oil and gas M&A environment we have tailored an independent and robust due diligence service to provide you with an industry focused key issues report early in the transaction process.
4 Mar 2009
What’s In Store? Supply, Demand And Storage Issues In The UK Gas Market
With declining North Sea gas production, the UK is now a net importer of gas, receiving supplies from an increasingly diverse set of countries. It is estimated that by 2016, 80% of gas consumed in the UK will have to be imported.
11 May 2007
A Mine Of Information - An Analysis Of Sustainable Development Reporting In The Mining Industry
When metals and mining companies first started to report on environmental performance, there may have been a feeling that a long journey was just beginning. Now the broader context of sustainable development is well established, albeit evolving and with significant challenges.
8 May 2007
Landfill Tax Rises To Cost Over £28 Per Household
The average family in the UK faces an increase of over £28 in their council tax rates over the next three years following announcements in today’s Budget to increase the landfill tax rate.
22 Mar 2007
Government Sets Out Green Measures To Tackle Company Fleets Carbon Footprint
There has been an increased focus on the carbon footprint of the company car fleet. Vehicle excise duty rates have disproportionately gone up for very high emission cars (£300 now and £400 from April 2008). Petrol has also been aligned upwards to mirror the diesel rates.
22 Mar 2007
Technology Predictions - TMT Trends 2007 - Part One
The technology sector in 2006 was characterized by diversity and growth. As forecast last year, search continued to dominate the Internet, as well as the headlines. The Internet continued its evolution into a fully commercial infrastructure, with disparities between its rules and those of traditional companies, steadily lessening. Technology’s role in the education process also matured, with digital classrooms and distance learning becoming more widespread.
18 Jan 2007
Technology Predictions - TMT Trends 2007 - Part Two
Offering services for free has become a mainstay of the technology industry, and a marketing tool of choice for growing market share. But free offers may become increasingly costly, both to suppliers and consumers, during the course of 2007.
18 Jan 2007
2020 Vision - Meeting UK power generation objectives in 2020 – a strategic insight
In recent years, the UK has had no difficulty generating enough electricity to meet increasing demand, and little problem in balancing the priorities of energy security, emissions reduction and the maintenance of efficient markets. Primarily, this is because the UK has been able to rely on abundant indigenous fossil fuels (particularly North Sea gas, but also coal) supported by nuclear power.
9 Feb 2006
Moving towards a long-term carbon price
The agreement on climate change reached at the G8 summit in July 2005 gives new impetus to action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It acknowledges climate change as a "serious and long-term challenge" and states that "we know enough to act now to put ourselves on a path to slow and, as the science justifies, stop and then reverse the growth of greenhouse gases."
6 Sep 2005
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