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The Natural Environment White Paper: Necessary Protection Or A Threat To Development Deliverability?
The Natural Environment White Paper, "The Natural Choice: securing the value of Nature", states ambitious aims: to halt overall biodiversity loss by 2020, to support the recovery of ‘healthy, well functioning’ ecosystems, and to establish coherent ecological networks increasing areas for priority habitats by at least 2,000 km2.
28 Sep 2011
Eversheds Advises on First Commercial Deep Geothermal Power Plant
International law firm Eversheds has advised Geothermal Engineering Ltd on securing the land for the development of the UK’s first commercial deep geothermal power plant, near Redruth in Cornwall, which has now been granted planning permission by Cornwall Council.
7 Oct 2010
Electric Vehicles Opportunity In China (Green Paper: Renewable Energy Bulletin)
Ever since Warren Buffett invested last Autumn in a 10 per cent stake in BYD, China's leading electric vehicle and battery manufacturer, the potential of China's electric vehicles sector has caught the attention of both domestic Chinese and foreign investors.
24 Mar 2010
As the dust settles over the UN climate conference in Copenhagen, many commentators have been left picking over the bones of the meeting in an attempt to understand the ramifications of what was actually agreed.
4 Mar 2010
China Issues Offshore Wind Farm Regulations
On 22 January 2010, the State Energy Administration (the "SEA") and the State Oceanic Administration (the "SOA") jointly issued the Interim Measures on the Administration of Development and Construction of Offshore Wind Energy (the "Measures"). The Measures came into effect on the date of issuance
12 Feb 2010
Dealing With Climate Change In Local Government
Climate change has had unprecedented levels of publicity recently with the intergovernmental summit in Copenhagen.
2 Feb 2010
Eversheds Advises On Orbeo’s Purchase Of OneCarbon
Following the recent bankruptcy of Econcern, Eversheds was asked by the administrators of the Company to advise it on the sale of OneCarbon.
2 Oct 2009
Budget 2009 And The Environment
In the Budget the Government stated that it is committed to ensuring the long term environmental ambitions, as defined by carbon budgets, are not jeopardised by short term economic conditions.
24 Apr 2009
Taking Off? The Inclusion Of Aviation In The EU ETS
The EU decided recently that the aviation industry should be covered under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) to help meet emission reduction obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. Inclusion within the scheme will result in a further set of regulation for aircraft operators with potentially serious penalties for those who do not comply.
European Union
21 Apr 2009
France Develops ‘Domestic’ JI Projects
Following the announcement by the French government late last year that they had approved their first domestic Joint Implementation (JI) project, this note has been prepared to act as a guide to JI projects, explain how the French domestic project works and to discuss the significance of the project in the context of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.
2 Apr 2009
The Netherlands Boosts Its Feed-In Tariff For Renewable Energy
The Dutch ministry of economic affairs has revealed its 2009 feed-in tariff scheme, setting a large, approximated 1000MW, cap for renewable energy sources, from which 830MW for onshore wind and also including mini-hydro in its regime for the first time.
18 Mar 2009
Carbon Reduction Commitment ("CRC") - The Latest News
On 12 March 2009, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published the long-awaited draft Order and a final consultation paper on CRC. A draft user guide has also been published.
17 Mar 2009
Coastal Zone To Get Better Protection
IN SA the sea and the seashore were previously regulated by the Sea-Shore Act of 1935. In order to align the regulation of this sensitive environmental zone in line with the constitution and environmental specific legislation such as the National Environmental Management Act of 1998, the National Environmental Management Integrated Coastal Management Bill (“the Coastal Management Act”) has been enacted.
9 Mar 2009
Round And Round: China Is Aiming For A Circular Society With The New Recycling Economy Promotion Law
Extravagant packaging, wasted water, lights turned on all night - all could be under threat by the Recycling Economy Promotion Law, which comes into effect on January 1 2009.
21 Jan 2009
The Climate Change Act: Real Legal Bite?
In late 2006 I wrote an article for the Times in which I stressed the importance of the new climate change bill having legal bite and binding targets, so that the government was held accountable and ministers faced penalties for failing to meet those targets.
18 Dec 2008
Iwokrama And Climate Change
In cooperation with the Government of Guyana and the Commonwealth, the Iwokrama International Centre and its partners are seeking a new means to bring the world’s remaining rainforests into the world’s economy without losing them in the process.
8 Dec 2008
Eco Town Warriors
Most people now accept that climate change is a big issue for the UK which requires action at all levels of government. Against this background, the concept of eco towns should be very welcome.
3 Dec 2008
Prospects For Energy Service Companies
The area of climate change is of increasing importance to local authorities. Not only are there key issues such as compliance targets for emissions under the Climate Change Bill to address, but the wider context of energy procurement in a market where prices are likely to increase sharply over coming years.
3 Dec 2008
Learning To Tackle Climate Change
The subject of climate change was thrust back into the news on 16 July 2008 when Minister Hilary Benn provided an update on the Carbon Reduction Commitment, indicating that the government has now decided that schools should be included.
2 Dec 2008
What Next For Joint Waste Authorities?
Recently the issue of shared services has been high on the agenda for many local authorities. The benefits of working together are irrefutable and may provide valuable gains in efficiency and resource terms.
1 Dec 2008
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