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EDS (Environmental Defence Society) report will be influential in RMA (Resource Management Act) review
This article summarises three reform models offered by the EDS (Environmental Defence Society) and the future process.
New Zealand
25 Mar 2019
Ground Cover: resource management, local government and planning law
Ground Cover tracks legislative and regulatory reform in resource management, local government and planning law.
New Zealand
15 Feb 2019
Higher emissions pricing needed now - Productivity Commission
The Productivity Commission has urged "early, strong action" in the form of higher emissions prices.
New Zealand
5 Sep 2018
Zero Carbon Bill consultation begins
Key aspects of the Zero Carbon Bill including how ambitions the emissions reduction target should be.
New Zealand
13 Jun 2018
A prescription for net carbon neutrality by 2050
The Productivity Commission has a strategy to achieve net carbon neutrality on a transition to a low emissions economy.
New Zealand
30 Apr 2018
What is at stake on 23 September (NZ elections) for climate change/environment policy?
There will be more traction under climate change policy and a further rewriting of environment and planning law.
New Zealand
13 Sep 2017
Environmental agency says "no" to offshore mining – again
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has rejected a second application for deep sea mining.
New Zealand
15 Feb 2015
Full steam ahead for Resource Management Act (RMA) reform
The Government is aiming to have the most significant overhaul of the Resource Management Act since the Act's inception.
New Zealand
24 Jan 2015
No public input into marine consents for petroleum exploration
NZ petroleum exploration will be a non-notified discretionary activity, so there is no scope for public submissions.
New Zealand
9 May 2013
Resource Management Reform Bill introduced into Parliament
Further streamlining of the resource management regime and a new process for the Auckland Unitary Plan were introduced.
New Zealand
10 Dec 2012
A glimpse into the Resource Management Act (RMA) Phase Two reforms
This Brief Counsel provides a quick overview of the recommendations of the report on sections 6 and 7of the RMA.
New Zealand
12 Jul 2012
EEZ Bill changes - for better or for worse?
The Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Bill was altered by select committee.
New Zealand
23 May 2012
Phase Two RMA reforms – bigger than Ben Hur?
The Phase One reforms to the Resource Management Act (RMA) were substantial but Phase Two promises to be bigger.
New Zealand
15 Dec 2011
Dirtiness limits for dirt – new soil contamination standards
A new NES in 2012 will create a nationally consistent set of planning controls and soil contaminant standards.
New Zealand
27 Oct 2011
More plans for Auckland – Draft Auckland Plan released; Infrastructure & Projects; Environment, Planning & Resource Management
A look at the Draft Auckland Plan and its direct implications on the performance of the New Zealand economy and its people and businesses.
New Zealand
23 Sep 2011
NPS reduces RMA barriers to renewable electricity generation
The National Policy Statement (NPS) for Renewable Electricity Generation takes effect on 13 May 2011 but gives territorial authorities a further 24 months to modify their planning documents.
New Zealand
15 Apr 2011
We have lift off - Auckland Unleashed
Auckland Unleashed – the strategy which will determine the way Auckland lives, plays and does business over the next 30 years – has now been released for preliminary comment and is likely to progress swiftly from here.
New Zealand
7 Apr 2011
The Marine and Coastal Area Act - alchemy at work
The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011, passed last week, is essentially an experiment in political and legal alchemy. Akin to the fabled quest to turn copper into gold, the Act seeks to translate – but also transform – customary, common law and Treaty of Waitangi rights into a self-contained statutory regime.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2011
2011: A spatial odyssey - the proposed Auckland spatial plan
The Auckland Spatial Plan, now in the first stages of development, will establish the "vision statement" which will drive planning and resource management decisions in the ‘Super City’ over the next 20 to 30 years. As such, it will be an important document.
New Zealand
21 Feb 2011
Robin becomes Batman – EPA gets more grunt
The EPA came into existence on 1 October last year as an office within the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) tasked with managing and administering the new call-in processes for "nationally significant" projects under the Resource Management Act (RMA).
New Zealand
24 Nov 2010
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