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South Africa's Current Financial Regulatory Framework: Can We Bank On It?
This has now become increasingly apparent but 10 years ago this was not the case.
South Africa
27 Aug 2019
Ensafrica Telecoms And Media In Brief
on 26 April 2019, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa ("ICASA") published the Draft Consumer Advisory Panel Amendment Regulations, 2019. I
South Africa
13 Jun 2019
Africa Regulatory ENSight
Approves a new regime on the entry, exit, and staying of foreign citizens in Angola; and
South Africa
11 Jun 2019
High Online Counterfeit Goods Risk, Says Survey
About 30% of consumers are unknowingly buying fake goods when making online purchases, according to the Global Online Shopping Survey.
South Africa
22 Jan 2019
Commercial Law In South Africa
The Republic of South Africa ceased to be a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations and became an independent republic in 1961. After 1994 it rejoined the Commonwealth.
South Africa
19 Dec 2018
A Winning Combination (Video)
A Winning Combination (Video)
South Africa
19 Nov 2018
University Life And Intellectual Property
If you are currently studying or planning your studies at a university in South Africa, it is important that you understand your rights as an Intellectual Property ...
South Africa
15 Oct 2018
Woolworths Manages To Sweet Talk Its Way Out Of An ASA Consumer Complaint
In the recent matter between Woolworths Holdings Limited ("Woolworths") and Mrs. Sally Baikie ("the Complainant"), the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa ("ASA")...
South Africa
14 Aug 2018
South Africa Newsletter - November Edition
South Africa's diverse economy, strategic role in Africa and political history create a unique business and regulatory environment.
10 Jan 2018
‘Fake' Apps: A New Threat To The Everyday Consumer
The rapid advancements in the mobile phone and ease of access to vast amounts of mobile applications ("Apps") has made it seem that there is an App for everything and anything.
South Africa
8 Dec 2017
Implications Of The Consumer Credit Act No. 7 Of 2016 In Swaziland
Dentons would like to thank Henwood & Company in Swaziland for this month's contribution to the Africa section of the Dentons South Africa Newsletter.This article provides an overview of the implications...
South Africa
1 Dec 2017
Don't Let Your Bytes Bite Back! Online Shoppers Beware…
Counterfeit is an ongoing problem but never more prevalent than during the festive season. And, with our struggling economy, we expect to feel it even more this year.
South Africa
17 Oct 2017
Have You Had Enough Of ‘Cold Calls' Yet?
Have you ever wondered how you could stop that direct marketer from making cold calls to offer you life insurance cover, (which you already have), or a cellphone contract for the latest iPhone (got that too!), or ...
South Africa
11 Aug 2017
Get All Your Winter Essentials: Online Shopping
Winter has arrived in South Africa and it is time to brace its chill by stocking up on your winter essentials.
South Africa
30 Mar 2017
Strict Liability Under The Consumer Protection Act: Update
Supreme Court of Appeal overturns Pretoria High Court decision of Halstead-Cleak v Eskom Holdings Limited.
South Africa
14 Oct 2016
Jumping On The Banting Bandwagon
The Low-Carb, High-Fat diet, colloquially called the Banting diet after William Banting, has taken South Africa by storm with a recent endorsement by Professor Tim Noakes.
South Africa
13 May 2016
Unfair Contract Terms And The Consequences Thereof Under The CPA
One of the chief objectives of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (CPA) is to promote a fair, accessible and sustainable marketplace for consumer products and services.
South Africa
28 Apr 2016
New Consumer Goods And Services Industry Code Of Conduct Released
A new Code of Conduct (Code) for the Consumer Goods and Services (CGS) industry has been released and takes effect on 30 April.
South Africa
16 Apr 2015
The Place For Shadow Banking In The Economy
A shadow bank is a non-bank entity that provides lending services similar to a traditional bank but does so outside the traditional regulatory environment.
South Africa
23 Apr 2014
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