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#Advert – Transparency Requirements For Influencers
They are the stars of the young generation, brand ambassadors for organizations and leaders on social media: influencers.
United States
11 Jun 2019
Rise Of AI Poses New Regulatory Challenges
Companies that employ algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in their day-to-day business may face increased attention from federal antitrust and consumer protection regulators in the future.
United States
17 Dec 2018
The Chain Gang – FTC's New Blockchain Working Group May Be Good News For Marketers
One of the greatest developments for marketers in 2018 is likely to be the proliferation of new and innovative applications on the blockchain in the context of marketing and promotion...
United States
10 Apr 2018
FTC Settlement Applies "Made In The USA" Standard To "Built In The USA" Claims
Continuing its focus on "Made in the USA" claims, the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC" or "Commission"), on February 1, applied its standard for those claims to "Built in the USA" claims by entering into a settlement with water filtration company, iSpring Water Systems, LLC ("iSpring").
United States
21 Feb 2017
The Quarter Ham: California Court Of Appeal Affirms Judgment In Unfair Competition And False Advertising Case
You can still get your quarter ham "STARTING AT $23.99" from Honey Baked Ham, Inc. according to the California Court of Appeal in its unpublished decision on November 8, 2016.
United States
19 Jan 2017
Looking For A Mind At Work: The FTC Presents A Staff Summary Of Its September 2016 Workshop On Disclosure Effectiveness
Quietly, the Federal Trade Commission staff published a summary of the workshop it convened on September 15, 2016 ("Putting Disclosures to the Test"). The summary goes into detail and generally presents an accurate and objective recounting of the full-day workshop.
United States
10 Dec 2016
FTC Penalties Will More Than Double In August
Wages may be stagnant in the United States, but one thing on the rise is the price of getting on the wrong side of the Federal Trade Commission.
United States
3 Jul 2016
The FTC Issues Guidance Clarifying Native Advertising Enforcement
As publishers increasingly rely on more modern methods of native advertising, the FTC has published a new guidance on enforcement that clarifies when native advertising may cross the line and become deceptive to consumers.
United States
4 Jan 2016
FTC Sharing Economy Workshop: Ohlhausen Sets The Stage For Innovation
As we, and countless others, have previously written, peer-to-peer sharing services are transforming the world economy.
United States
10 Jun 2015
A Fair Share (Economy)? The FTC Wants Your Input
When I had Orioles season tickets, I was glad to have access to an electronic platform that would allow me to get rid of most of my unwanted tickets.
United States
1 May 2015
Knowing Your Customer A Little Too Well
I hate shopping. I know what I want and I do a surgical strike. In and out; no soldier left behind.
United States
27 Apr 2015
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