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Global Financial Innovation Network Update
2018 saw the launch of the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN), a collaborative initiative between financial services regulators around the world,
26 Feb 2019
A Week In The Life Of Phoebe Harwood
My name is Phoebe Harwood, I'm 19 and was born in the Isle of Man. Last year, after finishing sixth form, I applied for the Marketing Apprenticeship being offered by Appleby in collaboration...
Isle of Man
14 Aug 2018
Consumers Should Not Have To Pay To Claim Prizes
On 18 October 2012 the Court of Justice of the European Union, issued a judgment which it clarified the interpretation of the Unfair Consumer Practices Directive.
Isle of Man
12 Feb 2013
Easy Come, Easy Go - To What Extent Are Your Most Valued Assets Protected On Divorce?
What happens if your marriage is on the rocks and you receive a windfall? Does your soon to be ex-partner have a claim on this stroke of good fortune? How much of your partner’s pre-acquired wealth are you entitled to on divorce? The article highlights some real life examples.
27 Feb 2012
Buyer Be Faintly Cautious
The old Latin maxim caveat emptor (buyer beware) states the English common law position relating to the sale of goods and the supply of services.
12 Jan 2010
Supply Of Goods And Services
The Supply of Goods and Services (Jersey) Law 200- (the "Law") was recently approved by the States of Jersey legislature (the "States") and is expected to come into force in September.
6 Jan 2010
A Degree Of Certainty? Pre-Nups In Jersey
The recent spate of high profile, big money divorce cases appears to be creating a ripple effect among those wishing to avoid a similar experience.
10 Dec 2008
A Moment Of Harmony
The attitude of the English matrimonial courts to offshore trusts has long been laced with suspicion. It has not been unknown for offshore trusts to be used, traditionally by husbands, to place assets beyond the reach of their wives.
10 Dec 2008
Going Dutch With A Fixed Trust
In the recent case of In the Matter of the Turino Consolidated Ltd Retirement Trust [2008] JRC100, the Royal Court considered the variation of a fixed trust.
10 Dec 2008
The Incorporation Of Shari’a In Offshore Trusts
Recently, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, sparked a stormy debate when he appeared to suggest that some aspects of Shari'a law should be adopted in the United Kingdom, and that such adoption appeared to be unavoidable.
2 Jun 2008
Three in a Marriage
It will often be the case for a trustee of a family trust that it is not only the husband and wife that are forced to make hard decisions when a marriage breaks down. One of the spouses will often wish to involve the trustee in negotiations or even proceedings in respect of the divorce, particularly where there is a suggestion that the other spouse is hiding assets in a trust, that the trust is a sham, or even if that is not the case, if the majority of the matrimonial assets are held in the tru
8 Jun 2007
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