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Product Liability For Latent Defects And Proof Of Loss Of Profit In The Absence Of Audited Financial Statements
In August 2008, American Brands issued a purchase order to Capmatic for the Equipment.
31 Jul 2019
Hydro-Québec c. Bell Canada: Spoliation Of Evidence Results In The Dismissal Of A Claim For The First Time In Québec
The facts giving rise to this claim stem from a simple utility pole, belonging to Bell Canada, to which transmission lines were attached.
16 Apr 2019
Ontario Court Of Appeal Confirms Corporate Sponsors Owed No Duty To Injured Sports Participant
On April 5, 2013 the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a Motion Court decision that had dismissed a lawsuit against Rogers Communications Inc. ("Rogers"), Umbro Inc. ("Umbro") and Bank of Montreal ("BMO") for disclosing no cause of action.
24 Apr 2013
Impact of Government Imposed Product Recalls on Class Actions in Canada
With Bill C-36, introduced in the House of Commons by the federal Minister of Health, the Honorable Leona Aglukkaq, the Federal government proposes tougher rules and new enforcement tools to foster consumer product safety.
29 Jul 2010
Letting the Punishment Fit The Crime: Proposed Product Recall Legislation Contemplates Stiff Penalties
While the proposed Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (Bill C-52) and the corresponding amendments to the Food and Drugs Act do not provide for the extraction of teeth by non-qualified health practitioners, presumably without the benefit of an anaesthetic, Canadian businesses, including their officers, directors, agents and "mandataries", will risk penalties that are potentially equally as painful to their pocketbooks if they fail to comply with the new consumer product safety regime when implem
7 Aug 2008
Caveat Venditor - Let The Seller Beware - Proposed Consumer Product Safety Legislation Casts A Wide Net
When the Prime Minister, during a pre-Christmas visit to a Salvation Army toy depot, announced the Canada Consumer Product Safety Action Plan, a lot of people would have assumed that the government’s Plan was directed at the safety of consumer products such as toys. And, given the rash of toy recalls for lead paint content that had occurred during 2007, they’d have been right. But the government’s Plan is so much more than that as evidenced by Bill C-52 which was introduced in April, 2007.
29 May 2008
Update On Proposed Mandatory Product Recall Law
Legislation to enact the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and complementary amendments to the Food and Drugs Act, two key components of Canada’s new Food and Consumer Product Safety Action Plan, was tabled in the House of Commons earlier this month.
6 May 2008
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