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New York City Law Restricts Employers' Use Of Employee Or Applicant Consumer Credit Checks
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently signed into law Int. No. 261-A, which prohibits employment discrimination based on an applicant's or employee's consumer credit history.
United States
13 May 2015
New York Adopts More Stringent Debt Collection
In advance of the 2015 effective dates, debt collectors that operate in New York should review their current policies and take necessary steps to comply with new state regulations that provide consumer protections beyond the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
United States
26 Jan 2015
Third Circuit Holds That Envelope Revealing Consumerís Account Number Violates The FDCPA
In light of this decision, entities collecting consumer debt should avoid the use of account numbers and/or QR codes on envelopes or within the viewing area of clear plastic envelope windows.
United States
21 Oct 2014
"Totality Of The Circumstances" Standard Used To Sanction Mortgagee For Lack Of "Good Faith" Negotiation In Foreclosure Matter
New York's Appellate Division ruled that a mortgagee's conduct in evaluating a borrower's loan modification application should be judged using the "totality of the circumstances" standard.
United States
29 Sep 2014
Third Circuit Holds Debtors Need Not Dispute Debt Before Filing Suit Under FDCPA
In McLaughlin v. Phelan Hallinan & Schmeig, LLP, the Third Circuit held that debtors are not required to notify a debt collector in writing regarding a disputed debt.
United States
29 Jul 2014
Sixth Circuit Limits Scope Of Servicer Liability Under TILA And Expands Scope Of Pleading Damages Under RESPA
On November 26, 2013, in "Marais v. Chase Home Finance LLC", the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued two key findings.
United States
30 Dec 2013
Sherzer v. Homestar Mortgage Services - Third Circuit Holds Letter Notice Satisfies Tila Statute Of Limitations
In a recent decision, the Third Circuit held that that a borrower seeking rescission may satisfy the Truth In Lending Act three-year statute of limitations merely by submitting a written notice, in the form of a simple letter, to the lender.
United States
18 Feb 2013
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