Talent development is a fundamental pillar of strategic talent management.

Are you planning any corporate training?

Together with talent acquisition and talent retention it plays a pivotal role in building a workforce that drives organisational growth and success.

Through our distinctive expertise in organisational psychology and human behaviour at the workplace, our talent development programmes are geared towards supporting organisations in achieving enhanced business success through their most valuable asset –their people.

Whether your organisation needs an off-the-shelf programme, a customised training programme or an NCFHE accredited training programme – we offer it all.

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What makes us different?

  • Our programmes are based on the Learning is R.E.A.L. methodology, making our programmes reflective, experiential, applied, and supportive of long-term benefits for the development of the individual and the organisation.
  • Our programmes do not have to be stand-alone talent management interventions, we are able to offer talent development programmes within a framework of strategic management interventions.
  • We have a Further and Higher Education License, a pool of expert trainers and consultants, and years of experience under our belt.

Now is the right time to develop your People!

JobsPlus haverecently launched the 'Investing in Skills' Framework (formerly known as TAF), from which organisations can benefit up to a 70% reimbursement of their investment in training. We also guide you through the application process.

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