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Costa Rica
Corporate and Company Law
Costa Rica
Inactive entities must get registered before the Tax Registry of the Tax Administration.
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Los acuerdos de libre comercio en Costa Rica son los más avanzados en América Central.
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Costa Rica's free trade agreements are the most advanced in Central America.
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La nueva ley de divulgación de Beneficiario Final se aplica a personas jurídicas y estructuras legales domiciliadas en Costa Rica.
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The new UBO disclosure law applies to legal persons and legal structures domiciled in Costa Rica.
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Se você está pensando em começar um negócio na Costa Rica, aqui está tudo que você precisa saber nos primeiros 90 dias.
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Las leyes tributarias en Costa Rica están cambiando y es importante conocer y comprender las nuevas obligaciones para que su negocio permanezca en cumplimiento al operar en el país.
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The tax laws in Costa Rica are changing and it is important to know and understand the new obligations so your business remains compliant when operating in the country.
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Con un alto crecimiento económico, Costa Rica es un país prometedor para hacer negocios, pero no está exento de desafíos.
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Si piensa hacer negocios en Costa Rica, aquí podrá leer todo lo que necesita saber para superar los primeros 90 días.
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If you are thinking of starting a business in Costa Rica, here is all you need to know to get through the first 90 days.
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Costa Rica is a promising country to do business in with high economic growth but it is not without its challenges.
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On April 23, 2018, the Executive Branch issued and published The Regulations of the Transparency and Final Beneficiaries Registry. The Regulations introduce new obligations...
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This decision is a very wise one, and it is what we highly recommend to our clients as the first choice to be followed.
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El Código de Comercio de Costa Rica regula cuatro tipos de sociedades mercantiles: (i) la sociedad en nombre colectivo; (ii) la sociedad en comandita simple; (iii) la sociedad de responsabilidad limitada; y (iv) la sociedad anónima.
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Por ello, en un mercado cada vez más competitivo y globalizado, es preciso procurarse un blindaje previo en las áreas de mayor riesgo empresarial.
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The trading companies most commonly used in Costa Rica are corporations and limited liability companies.
When investing in Costa Rica, as in other countries around the world, investors frequently find themselves facing the dilemma about which is the best option available when purchasing any type of real estate, whether to do so as a natural person, that is, in their own name, or whether to form a company, which constitutes a legal entity and all the implications that comes along with it.
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