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Opal Legal
An interim hearing is a mini hearing before the final hearing – when a party needs the court to resolve an urgent matter.
Pointon Partners
Recent decision provides a useful summary of the principles governing the admission of an informal will to probate.
Travis Schultz & Partners
Article discusses what it means to leave a legacy & how is a legacy left.
What are probate caveats? How can they be used & how are they removed? How long do they last? Who can lodge? Different types.
Watkins Tapsell
Estate planning in your lifetime ensures that your estate is administered in accordance with your wishes when you die.
O'Sullivan Davies Lawyers
Due to current delays in the Family Court, there is an average 2 to 3 year period until parties are listed for a Trial.
Mellor Olsson Lawyers
An amendment has preserved the specialist knowledge of the Family Court, but concerns about the merger remain.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
The Full Court of the Family Court examined the application of the Kennon rule in a family law property dispute.
Miller Thomson LLP
On February 22, 2021, the Attorney General for Ontario tabled Bill 245, Accelerating Access to Justice Act, 2021, which has now received Second Reading.
McLeish Orlando LLP
The loss of a loved can give rise to a wrongful death action where negligence played a role in the death.
Minden Gross LLP
Sheila also addresses issues such as why Britney might end up under a guardianship in the first place, and the powers and obligations Britney's guardian would have.
Pallett Valo LLP
On February 16th, Ontario's Attorney General, Doug Downey, moved for the first reading of Bill 245, the Accelerated Access to Justice Act, 2021[1].
Devry Smith Frank LLP
Granted, it is not a particularly romantic gesture to ask your common-law partner for a cohabitation agreement.
O'Sullivan Estate Lawyers LLP
What are some of the trips and traps to be aware of from an estate planning viewpoint if you are a Canadian, but you have assets or other connections south of the border?
McKercher LLP
The Assisted Human Reproduction Act (the "AHRA"), enacted in 2004, provided the first legislative guidance on how to handle the issues of surrogacy and sperm and ova donation.
Devry Smith Frank LLP
Integrating a new partner into your existing family can be an exciting step, but it is not always without challenges. Depending on whether the children's other biological parent is still in the
Cayman Islands
Carey Olsen
This guide to Cayman's private client sector includes commentary on tax, trusts, foundations and private wealth structures used within the jurisdiction, including charitable or philanthropic...
Michael Kyprianou Advocates & Legal Consultants
Do parents have a statutory obligation to support their minor child? The Law imposes a common obligation on parents to provide for their minor child, each according to his or her financial capacity.
Collas Crill
An increasing number of people have sought to make Wills during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given restrictions on social interaction and physical distancing
Discussing finances can be a sensitive matter for many couples but making sure parties are ‘on the same page' before marriage is crucial.
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