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Prager Dreifuss
Obtaining a final and binding judgment ordering the adversary party to pay a substantial sum to the claimant may raise the hope to have arrived at the end of a dispute.
Prager Dreifuss
Beim Erhalt eines endgültigen und verbindlichen Urteils, in dem die gegnerische Partei zur Zahlung eines substantiellen Betrags an die Klägerin aufgefordert wird, kann die Hoffnung aufkommen, am Ende des Konflikts angelangt zu sein. Des Öfteren missachtet die unterlegene Partei jedoch ein solches Urteil, was zur Notwendigkeit
Baer & Karrer
The draft bill provides that the proceedings before the juge d'appui are to be conducted under the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code on summary proceedings.
Rihm Attorneys
Various European countries have created in the last 24 months special state courts for international commercial court disputes which can handle cases in English.
Niederer Kraft Frey AG
Switzerland is one of the most important centres for international arbitration.
Rihm Attorneys
Global surveys on the international arbitration scene published in 2015 continue to name Switzerland as one of the leading places for international arbitration along with London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Prager Dreifuss
With question marks over the UK as a place of jurisdiction, one option would be to replace the present arrangements with the Lugano Convention.
Prager Dreifuss
Until recently, the question, who is entitled to appeal against a cantonal judgment granting international judicial assis­tance in civil matters was unclear since Swiss cantons did not follow a uniform practice.
Baer & Karrer
Over the last decades, confidentiality in international business dispute resolution has become a growing concern.
Baer & Karrer
ICLG - The International Comparative Legal Guide - Switzerland
Prager Dreifuss
Securing a court victory is a significant step in obtaining what one is owed. Parties frequently realise though that winning in court is by no means the end of the road, but rather the beginning of another journey called enforcement.
Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd
In 2014, the Supreme Court rendered 32 decisions on petitions to set aside international arbitral awards.
This article discusses the use of visual aids, known as "demonstrative exhibits," in international arbitration proceedings.
Tavernier Tschanz
The Swiss Supreme Court has recently vacated an international arbitration award on material public policy ground under Article 190 par. 2 let. (e) of the Private International Law Act (the "PIL Act").
Tavernier Tschanz
Article 192 of the Private International Law Act (the "PIL Act") allows the parties to waive all or part of the legal grounds for challenges against international awards issued in Switzerland, as long as the parties are not domiciled, seated, and have no business establishment in Switzerland.
Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Ltd.
Manuel Arroyo is an attorney-at-law and partner with meyerlustenberger in Zurich, as well as an established author on the subject of arbitration. Here, Dr. Arroyo shares his thoughts with us on business in Switzerland.
Isabel von Fliedner, Avocate
This presentation seeks to describe the process of judicial assistance for obtaining evidence in civil and commercial matters under The Hague Conventions, going more particularly into detail as concerns resolving conflicts between the common law and continental European law systems. It is based on experience concerning U.S. based pre-trial discovery proceedings to be executed on Swiss territory.
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