Any individual desirous of residing in Bulgaria for more than three months within a six month period is required to obtain an extended residence permit with a validity of one year. Continuous residence for a period of five years makes the individual eligible for applying for a Permanent Residence Permit. The provisions of the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act and Investment Promotion Act allow for permanent residence and subsequent citizenship without the mandatory residence and language requirements.

The benefits of utilizing the Scheme for Economic Immigration to Bulgaria include:

Population 7,364,570
Country Size 110,994 km2
GDP (billion current USD) 51.03
Earning per capita (current USD) 4634.63
Unemployment Rate 11.60%
Inflation Rate -1.0%
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  • Gain Permanent Residence without mandatory residence and language requirements.
  • Enjoy fast track access to citizenship.
  • Exemption from physical residency after obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit.
  • Easy access to the European Union and other developed countries.
  • Free movement within the Schengen Area after accession expected to take place in 2017.
  • Residence Permits for family members included in the application.
  • Favorable tax regime and trade environment.
  • Access to quality healthcare and education facilities.

Minimum Investment Requirements: Bulgaria Investor Residency

Investment in government bonds for minimum five years EUR 511,292
Purchase of 50% interest in a Bulgarian company operating in an underdeveloped region in Bulgaria. 50% interest with minimum investment of EUR 125,000
Purchase of 50% interest in a Bulgarian company. 50% interest with minimum investment of EUR 250,000.
Investment in share capital of a private Bulgarian company EUR 3,000,000
Investment in real estate. EUR 300,000

Fees: Bulgaria Investor Residency

The application fee includes application fees, legal and translation charges, and charges for background verification and validation of source of funds. The fee amount varies depending on the country of origin of the investor, the number of dependents and other relevant factors.

Documents Required: Bulgaria Investor Residency

  1.  Completed application form
  2. Valid international passport
  3. CV of the Investor
  4. Investment Certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance
  5. Proof of residence
  6. Proof of source of funds
  7. Proof of payment of relevant state fees
  8. Proof of good character
  9. Proof of relationship with family members

Inclusion of Family: Bulgaria Investor Residency

The permanent resident permit issued to the investor will include the following family members:

  1. Spouse;
  2. Children of the investor and of his/her spouse, including adopted children who are unmarried and below the age of 18 years
  3. Unmarried family members above the age of 18 years suffering serious health concerns that make them incapable of earning their living and where the personal care for such members is the responsibility of the investor.

Application Procedure: Bulgaria Investor Residency

The application for Permanent Residence in Bulgaria should be made to the Migration Directorate within the Ministry of Interior. The detailed application procedure and government policy regarding the right to become a permanent resident of Bulgaria through economic investment is available here.