On September 18, 2019, the "Mexican Official Standard NOM-001- SCFI-2018, Electronic Devices-Safety Requirements and Testing Methods" (NOM-001) was published in the Federal Official Gazette.

NOM-001 establishes the safety features and requirements that electronic equipments, which are manufactured, imported, marketed, distributed or leased, within the country, must comply with.

This NOM applies to electronic equipment and accessories that use electrical energy for their supply, with single-phase voltages up to 277 V a.c. at 60 Hz and/or three-phase voltages up to 480 V a.c. between lines at 60 Hz; as well as other energy sources (batteries, accumulators, autogeneration and alternative supply sources up to 500 V c.c.).

It also applies to external power supplies, which are used jointly with electronic equipment and are marketed, distributed or supplied, individually or as part of an end-use product in the same packaging.

Within the concepts covered by this NOM, the following stand out:

  • General conditions for testing and testing enclosures;
  • Specific requirements for electronic equipment, devices and systems; and
  • Information regarding the conformity assessment procedure of compliance of such Standard.

Mexican Official Standard NOM-001-SCFI-2018 will enter into force on May 14, 2020, cancelling NOM-001-SCFI-1993, Electronic Devices-Domestic Electronic Devices Powered by Different Sources of Electrical Energy-Safety Requirements and Testing Methods for Type Approval.

The Mexican Official Standard NOM-001-SCFI-2018, details in a clearer way the specific requirements applicable to each of the electronic equipment, devices and systems foreseen by this Standard, and establishes a bigger scope of products so that it can cover and regulate more electronic equipment, devices and systems, that were not contemplated previously in the Mexican Official Standard of 1993.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.