There are many incentives available to companies in the budget, but navigating the various procedures to gain access to them can be challenging.

With foreign direct investment on the rise ...

... Malaysia's 2020 Budget rides the wave.

So what's the catch?

  • TMF Group's Global Business Complexity Index 2019 ranks Malaysia at #25 for difficulty of establishing and operating a business.
  • With so many incentives available from the budget, companies need expert help to navigate the procedures to gain access to the new funding.
  • Business incorporation involves multiple government agencies but it can be done quickly and the right way – with local help.
  • Licensing your business is much more complicated. Again, local knowledge and representation is critical.
  • Obtaining employment passes and work permits in time to support your operation requires professional support as the process can take up to three months.
  • Beyond, personal and corporate tax, always intricate, rules and regulations abound. With directors personally liable for any errors and omissions, intimacy with procedure is essential.

Next steps

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